Promoting Unturned Blackout In-game

I know, Blackout is a funny gamemode (I have enjoyed it), however it still has a donate store being a commercial Unturned server network.
It’s not really necessary. In fact, don’t think promoting something which has a purpose of profiting itself is what the game developer should do. Besides, this is just generally unfair to other server networks.

Looking at the project itself, it’s not something unique (aside of being a CoD-like competitive PvP shooter with custom mods and long grind-based progression).
The server is owned by 2 persons, this isn’t a gamemode that anyone can host. A legit server network. Did you ever promote something like that?

Not gonna lie, after you decided to regulate the server purchases, this decision is kind of hypocritical of you.


That is very careless idea to put some third party server in advert in game menu, especially knowing that there are other servers who put effort in their works too…


Tl;dr As of currently, officially promoting a commercial server network isn’t fair to other commerical server networks. This isn’t in your taste Nelson… right?..

If you do that with one gamemode, then you should do it with other gamemodes as well.

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Let me clarify a few things: The server/game mode has been in active development for 11 months now and is being owned by Paradox and me, I don’t own it myself. I have been inactive on Youtube and other social media for the majority of that time since I was working on it half/full time throughout the entire 2022. There have been 20+ people total included in the development of that server from making sounds to animations to killstreaks to whatever. It was just released and has been a great success ever since. Tons of people playing on it and players that have already quit Unturned come back and start being active in the community again.

Nelson joined the server on release day and offered us to feature it, also because of the support to display servers or mods as that has just been added by Nelson not too long ago. I believe the first time it was used was to warn about the lag switching and this is the second time. I am sure that this server will not be the last one, there are many other great servers out there that deserve attention.

I do have to disagree with you saying it’s not something unique, it clearly is super unique for Unturned as it’s the first server that feels like an actual game inside the game. The UI makes it super immersive and it is always being improved. It’s an experience that you simply don’t have in Unturned, a very casual shooter that you can also grind with the long-term progression system we have set up.

I would love to see more servers being featured like this in the future, and it’s honestly a really great step to officially promote modded servers. We just happen to be the first ones, but 100%, not the last ones, there would always be someone start started it.

The server finances through purchases made which are obviously optional. Everything in the server can be obtained without real money, you simply level up your account or gun to unlock more stuff. The server and a project of this scale could not exist without purchases. Thousands of $ have been invested in it beforehand, from my own pocket obviously and we are still spending more on new content all the time. There are developers that have given up on other commissions because we supply them with work all the time. And the 1000s of hours of work from just Paradox and me combined aren’t even taken into the account yet.


Hi pablo and paradox and elliot how are you today


Doing good what about you


To me the gamemode feels pretty unique. The new UI, soundtrack and all other features within the server gave me a whole new feeling, which I have never experienced before. I am sure you’ve seen those things yourself, but I guess I am just more excited about it.

That’s what I thought at first, but if what P9 says is true, then more successful servers will be promoted in the future. It’s nice to have another way of promoting content creators.

Every server has to profit in some way, and I don’t see why this one shouldn’t? I am not sure if you’ve been following the project all the way through, but it really has been a lot of work and I think it deserves recognition.


If it will be a feature that is used for other servers and mods, then I’m fine with it.

Please people don’t think about this post as a ‘drama’, I don’t really this post to turn into a dumpster fire about P2W and P9. It’s a (short) conversation, and P9nda clarified some things I wanted to know. There was a lack of details in announcement post in Unturned Blackout Discord, and I didn’t know anything that Nelson said about it.


My point is that it’s just f2p CoD adapted to Unturned.

It’s not a project Unturned will be popular for. It’s not something original.

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oh you know living, hi der ente how are you

It’s literally worse than getting featured. I have no idea what else to say. Why are you guys making a big deal out of this?

I am doing just fine.

I could argue that every curated map and featured map is 3rd party.

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What’s up?

Curated maps and featured maps are different than an almost P2W PvP-based kit server with an addictive and grindy gameplay. They used to bring survival part to the game, or any unique gameplay style (like MapJam 2022 maps), some even being non-PvP based.

This is what differentiate them from commercial servers.

If curated maps wouldn’t make any money off of loot boxes that are being added with the curated maps, I am not sure if there would be as many or as high-quality ones. Developers need to get compensated for their work, and they 100% should. Blackout is not Pay2Win - you can unlock everything that affects gameplay by not paying anything. The current #1 has not spent anything at all. You can progress faster by deciding to support the server, but even then all guns are balanced for the most part. The gun you unlock at the highest level is not much better than the one you start with - adding to that the current meta guns are one of the lowest level unlocks. Unturned has become a PVP game if you like it or not, just ignoring the entire PVP community is not the way to go. Blackout does bring unique gameplay, the super intense and fast pace first-person PVP that you will not get on any other Unturned server, guaranteed. Adding the different maps & game modes, killstreaks and all makes it even more fun.

Stop hating on servers simply because they want to make money… because they have to. Unturned would not exist either if Nelson would not make any money from it, he’d be working somewhere else. He was able to dedicate so much time to Unturned and made it the game it is today because he was making money from it which allowed him to work on it as much. I don’t think you know how much money and time was invested into this.


Intriguing argument, definitely seems unfair to literally every other server however I will say Blackout is more than just a server. So I can see why Nelson would feature it. Idk why people sent me this thread.


People join my discord just to tell me you banned them from your discord. Dramahungry rats i guess…


Yeah same thing here, I’ve had multiple people come to me when they’ve been banned from your discord, unturned servers ect.

Drama hungry people is probably an accurate description.


Also I wanna ask y’all did you play Unturned Blackout?
Please everyone tell either you did or didn’t play it

I’m gonna start with myself: I did.