PSA: Leave new weapon and vehicle ideas aside

Just a heads up for those who are about to suggest some weapons or vehicles you’ve come up in your head.

I understand that you like that sort of thing in the game, but to be honest I think it’s getting repetitive. What I’m saying is that a huge selection of personally picked weapons and vehicles isn’t really needed. It doesn’t add flavor into the game, it’s just overdosing the game with mainstream content

I wouldn’t really mind at all if it’s something brand new, something no one has thought of but deserves into the game, or a mechanic that could be interesting to have. But if it’s something like 'Plz add (name of weapon) or a variation/carbon copy of another gun then please reserve that when the entire game’s core features are set in or workshop is implemented. That also includes generic vehicle ideas like a new military helicopter.

It’s just cluttering up the whole 4.x forum category, and maybe also neglecting the more survival-oriented path the game is heading

Might be just me being irritated but yeah, that’s what I have to say


This needs to go everywhere.


I believe there are no problems in adding more weapons but now have more than 53 guns in the game! and 1/2 of this nobody use. This need a revision in all “gun game”.

The game needs Less guns but each one having their porpuse.
having the civilian for basic weapons,
and 2 weapons of each type(smg,rifles,etc) one being military and the other ranger is more than good for me.
Ok that maps can have their own arsenal but all ways in a pattern.
The weigh system that nelson want to add to 4.X will make lighter weapons like smgs more useful.

I mean, 3.0 has about 50+ guns thanks to community suggestions. What’s so bad about this?

Not saying anyone shouldn’t be allowed to suggest it, I’m giving people to think about why they want it added.

Besides alot of the weapons are most likely decided by the dev himself, the only one that I see that is a genuine popular request is the Swissgewehr but that gun has a much more special reason why it returned. The rest are totally unexpected.

I can see that people want to see these guns/vehicles in the future as they should obviously be low-priority by the dev if he took notice of those ideas. I only suggest that they leave those ideas aside until 4.X is in a more well-developed stage, because you’ll get a better chance of getting it added when core features and high-priority content are already established

Though I still don’t necessarily agree with it, I’d like to see 4.X more around survival as planned in the beginning. Adding more guns and vehicles was a mistake in 3.X where the reason for it is just to satisfy the community and/or give a variety in a certain map

It’s all my opinion of course

Quality > Quantity. Half the guns are actually used. A few of them are direct upgrades to everything else. Only the more recent additions have unique statistics that make them individually unique as an item.


People are just comparing 4.0 to 3.0
Since they have no idea how 4.0 will be, they fill that gap with 3.0 counterparts. And 3.0 is filled with guns, blood, explosions, and KOS. So they try to relate by adding even more idra that increase this concept. Which is wrong. A lot of people forget that this is a survival game and just want to filfull their dreams of having the guns they want in what they imagine to be a “gun game” like 3.0.

I really hope that the genuine ideas that people have given for the survival aspect would be included in the game. The good ones of course


I completely agree. Unique and practical suggestions should definitely come in before we get to adding regular old guns that don’t bring anything to the table. I’m all for getting a good Two Hundred plus guns, but as long as they’re properly balanced and all have ups and downs. Although most will probably dislike what I’ve got to say, loads of guns (Mostly unique ones, but still a bunch of ‘mainstream’ ones) would make for good loot pool saturation. Considering 4.0 is going in more of a PvE direction, more is actually better as long as guns and ammo are as rare as they should be (Which is really rare IMO) because carrying rarer loot and making ammo rarer (If we add lots of guns and ammo, compatibility will be a real issue to discourage PvP and KoS, instead encouraging trade. Keep in mind this doesn’t justify adding a billion carbon copy guns just with different stats or models, just support of greater diversity of loot pools, which would most likely mean more guns of each kind/caliber just from balance and practicality standpoints.


i suggest a camping car when you can live(with integred bed;furnace,water tank)

I strongly agree with this.
Let’s take Battlefield 4 for example; there are weapons out of the wazoo, 106 light infantry weapons (LMG’s, AR’s, PDW’s, Carbines etc… not including launchers)
The pistol section included 17 unique pistols. Nearly half of them were 9mm, semi-automatic pistols, with only a few that were outstanding from the selection.
The point I’m trying to get here is this:
With the addition of more and more weapons, you’re diluting the currently existing weapons to the point where some are obsolete,

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A good example of this is the Scholfield vs the Hawkhound.

The Hawkhound is simply a Scholfield with 3 more rounds, and slightly less damage (and maybe less range too, not sure though). Either way, its always more viable to just use the Hawkhound over the Scholfield due to the fact that it’s simply much better to have 3 more rounds than loose out on what, 5 damage?

Then there’s the assault rifles. The Swiss is a police grade weapon on Germany yet the Eaglefire is a Civilian grade weapon on Washington and Hawaii, even though the Eaglefire is a straight upgrade.

I’d like to see guns have their proper places in loot for 4.0, as well as being more unique. I’m fine with some filler guns, it would be weird if each and every gun was super unique from each other, but we definitely don’t need two rifles that act the exact same but have one with 3 more rounds.


Couldn’t agree more
The guns we have are too similar to each other.
There should be damage drop-off over distance. Armor penetration. Bullet drop distance. overall damage. And durability loss per bullet


This. Each firearm should have different stats so while they might be similar in some ways, each weapon would have a stat or two that’d set it apart from the rest.


Now that you mention it I’ve heard very little on armor penetration for players, and this would be an absolute game changer.

Imagine that a military-grade helmet could absorb most kinds of low-caliber shots by significant portions but it would take a beating from a sharpshooter/medium caliber round and it would barely affect a high caliber round. Perhaps we could even see specialized armor that absorbs certain kinds of calibers or damage types better. Nelson has touched on this, but I think for example you could have bomb defusal armor that blocks melee and explosions well but has poor bullet protection, or a kevlar vest that can stop bullets well but not melee or explosions.


Thank you so much for suggesting this Yarrrr, the same thing has been on my mind as well.
We need to gear ourselves towards changing how the game functions, rather than just keep adding more trival crap.


I agree with this 100%. Don’t just suggest stuff for reasons. Tie it in with a new (but practical) mechanic or two. There’s been no comment on armor penetration in forever that I’ve seen.


Never fear, the queen is here!!!
I’ll make a topic about armor penetration. Some ideas may be taken from CSGO tho, so please don’t sue me

I’m preparing lawyers currently.

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