Questions About Unturned 4.x Platform

I recently noticed that in the devlog #6 (was posted a while ago I know) Nelson did mention that hes trying to get the new Unturned on the Epic games launcher.

and have been taking the first steps with EPIC (developers of Unreal Engine 4) to make it available through their launcher, as well as working on documentation.

I’m not to familar with the Epic games launcher and that is why I have some questions.

  • With Unturned 3.x being on Steam it allowed users to create workshop content and upload it very easily, is it the same with Epic games? Ex: will I be able to create maps on Unturned and upload it to Epic games?
  • If Unturned 4.x is on Epic games compared to Steam would that mean there would still be a skin/market system? Epic wouldn’t allow for the same trading/market abilities as Steam.

If anyone knows the answers to these questions please answer them because it would help me understand and anyone that has the same questions as me!


I don’t know the answer to the other question but I’m happy to say Nelson confirmed there won’t be any skins or cosmetics in 4.0, so it wouldn’t matter if it was on Steam or Epic Games Launcher (for this aspect).

That answer alone makes me very happy knowing that the whole zombie survival aspect wont be ruined anymore by people running around with flames on their head, bubbles flying everywhere and crazy skins. It calls for better gameplay and servers.


Exactly, all those mythics and skins just ruined the immersion.


This is related to the Unturned mod kit and not the game itself so Unturned 4.x will be published on Steam and the mod kit will be published in the Epic games launcher.

Thanks for clearing that up, I wasen’t really understanding. Is the mod kit like the Unturned 3.x editor? Or will there still be an ingame editor?

The mod kit is a custom version of Unreal engine 4 with some features disabled (packaging projects, changing project settings, enabling and disabling plugins ) and all the content from the base game. This kit is used to create maps and mods.

I don’t know how workshop would work with the epic game launcher., but I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a market.

My dude what drugs are you on if you managed to get immersed in Unturned. The game looks like garbage and has some of the most unrealistic graphics I’ve ever seen

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First off, I wouldn’t recommend retorting witty remarks just to get your point across.

That said, his whole point is that 3.0 was horrible with immersion, and skins were a big part of this. People running around with glowing digits and neon futuristic guns isn’t going to help.

Your whole point about 3.0 looking completely unrealistic is also valid, but all of these things are getting resolved in 4.0, so that is fortunately not going to be a problem.


The graphics in Unturned are actually very good, people believe it looks unrealistic because of it’s art style. Unturned is similar to Fortnite in art style because they both have that blocky, bright textures.
So don’t roast Unturned ;D

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This is a misleading quote. This is about the modding tools, not the game. The Epic Games Launcher is for games by Epic and for modding tools of third-party other games.

Unturned will not be dependent on any launcher to be playable. Steam will have exclusive features still, however, such as lobbying, official servers, etc. A general Steam market system is not currently planned, although rewards for people with berets/EA items/Gold DLC in Unturned 3 has been mentioned in the past (possibly only in private) and may end up being cosmetic items, although non-marketable.

You’d upload it to the Steam Workshop.

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When you said EA while talking about microtransactions, I nearly had a heart attack, then I realized you meant Early Access, not Electronic Arts.


Don’t give Nelson any ideas about selling out to EA, you will have to pay 79.99 just to play a free to play

I just hope modding will be a thing

Modding is a thing.

ROFL (10 chars)

So that means we can make mods with UE4
… good

inb4 Paragon mod

Mods are possible in any game engine.

The real deciding factor is the dev supporting it, which in this case, Nelson has done so.