Quick Messaging

Many games have this option for players. It can be very useful for players to respond rapidly instead of having to type out the words, useful in situations such as in combat and driving vehicles.

Holding a button, such as Q, displays an menu similar to the emotion/emote one, with choices numbered 1-9, with options such as “Ok”, “Help”, “Follow me”, etc. Those responses would appear over a player’s head, on the player’s HUD and in the chat, which could be changed between Area and Group with a button, such as T. The responses could be customized in the options.


Yeah that would be cool but if nelson overdoes it it will just be dumb
Maybe just like

Help me (then automaticly says location)

It should just open up a mini menu like l4d where you can choose something to say. Or like tf2, but that few voice commands or things is too little to make people want to use it.

I’d also like to see gestures make a comeback.

In addition to the existing ones in 3.0, some new hand signal variety would be cool and allow players to make their own crude communication methods. See also: literally any game with lots of gestures (e.g. EFT)

Well, this ain’t an FPS, and I honestly don’t think we have enough space on the keyboard to fit more controls xD
Sure quick callouts on chat would be useful, but these are mostly used in FPS games like CSGO (press z+1 for “Go go go!”). Although we could make macros. That would make things easier.
Gestures could be fun to mess around with as well

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What about binds



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