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Just one of those small quality of life suggestions for UII.


In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, these four slots are introduced into the player’s inventory. These slots can each be assigned a consumable by dragging said consumable onto a slot. These slots are the “quick use slots,” in which pressing the assigned key instantly uses that item.
Likewise, in the bottom left corner of the UI there’s four icons that remind the player which items are bound to those slots, as shown here.


Personally, I think that a system like this in Unturned II will be a good addition. Thoughts?
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@RedComm November 4, 2018

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Assuming they’re bound to the function keys like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the first 4 are perfect as they are the only ones in comfortable range for the fingers to hit.

Personally, I bind my 4 quick slots to the first 4 keys on my numpad because it’s easier for me that way.

Eeh, i always saw having to open your inventory and use the item simulating having to open your pack, get out the item, use it, put your pack back on. Having quick-use slots that magically take out and use an item, ie a medical item, instantly during combat, seems a little strange to me.

By that logic, having hotkeys is also strange and unrealistic.

And i agree with that. How hotkeys should work is you can have holsters and sheaths equipped, and items inside those are hotkeyed. Hotkeying random items in your pack and instantly taking them out is dumb, i’ve always thought that.

Then the quick access slots could be similar to the “pockets” in Escape From Tarkov or the external containers of the tactical rig or something. Either way, what this is supposed to do is eliminate that one millisecond or two in which the player has to click in order to use the item and make it easier to heal during combat.

Yeah, something like cargo pants or a tactical vests having two or three pockets you can put bandages and spare magazines in to speed healing/reloading would be cool. I just dislike having something like “Okay if i get shot i can pull that dressing out from the bottom of my backpack with my telekinesis!”

As you probably would expect, considering the long-ago confirmation of EFT-like sectionalized clothing (including the principle of chest rigs and pockets), I’d be okay with this system if it only allowed you to assign items from places you could logically quickly access, as @linkfanpc was saying.

  • Easily accessible pockets (this would be a per-clothing basis really, but the primary example would be almost all conventional pants)
  • Chest rigs, for grenades in addition to magazines/clips
  • Holsters, sheaths, etc for weaponry specifically, just mentioning this anyways even though it’s already semi-implemented

You should not, for example, be able to set quick slots to a bottle of painkillers siting literally in the bottom of your backpack, and these quick slots still wouldn’t be instant either. Ideally every item has an equip speed that is determined by several factors, with the clothing/storage of choice being the main one. Quick slots would just make it more convenient to begin the equip sequence, and I’m purposely leaving the usage sequence out as well since you should always have to manually initiate this (it prevents a lot of accidental item usage too).


The whole point of this was to initiate the equip and use sequence by pressing a single key.

That’d be awesome.

You should only be able to quickslot what is attached on the outside of a backpack, stuff on your vest/chest rig, and stuff in your pockets.

It would.

Now I realize that slightly over time I see myself without any purpose to make my own clothing post. I hope I don’t run out of ideas or they result being developed by someone else.

Because I was about mentioning this there and I wouldn’t have said it better.

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