Radiation and Filters

This is rather a small suggestion

Currently in 3.0 finding a gas mask is moderatly easy, find them either in military zones or airdrops and bang you got one, but filters not so much, they are a bit tricky to get a good amount of and so on the loo I had an idea. (Take it with a grain of salt)

What if we make filters reusable? But Gasmasks and Filters themselves harder to find, in a way with maybe some sort of cleaning device you could craft/find you could scrub and clean your filters, but they wont be reusable forever, maybe you’d be able to reuse them once or twice but they’d have less time in them to be used than before, essentially degrading them with each clean.


I think this could be done not by cleaning the filters, but actually refilling the filter. While browsing the wikia of the Metro series, I came across an explination as to why filters don’t last long: they were refilled over and over with activated carbon/charcoal, which is what’s inside the filters. You could find activated charcoal in pharmacies (as it is also a type of anti-poison) and use them to refill the filters. Alternatively, you could craft it using water, a jar, regular charcoal, a frying pan, Calcium Chloride (found in grocery stores, used for pickle brine) and a campfire.

That way, semi-uncommon components can be used to repair a rare item but reduces it’s effectiveness each time, as stated above.


Thats a great idea but then that allows for them to be easily refilled on the go, though they are quiet op in some cases since you gather really good loot what about having them need a high level of skill to refill them?

Well as you stated, they’d lose effective time each time they are refilled. That could be done in an exponential manner, so they’d lose half of the time they had per refill. After 2-3 refills, they wouldn’t be usable anymore.

rare filters hawaii moment.

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I feel like this would work well with this:

I agree that there should be different types of protection, like different types of gasmasks that would offer different levels of protection. Some would be easy to find, like in medical tents/quarantine areas, respirators in fire stations/hospitals, and some harder to find, like military level gasmasks.

Older gasmasks that had an oxygen tank could be cool, too. They wouldn’t need filters, and the tanks could last way longer, but be harder to find and harder to put onto the mask (you’d need to take it off and put the new oxygen tank in) which couldn’t be done in the deadzone/radiated area.


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