Random Comic- Who wants to read out to me in voice chat?

So I’ve spiked up- I’ve bled my wounds and I got bored really fast and found this comic.


Who wants to read it to me in the most out-of-context inducing way possible? : p

I’d rather have Molton tell me a bed time story in my sleep


Okay- let me just get my cable tie for this reading.

*“Ugh hello! Yes… Sir! Hi. I’ve… Called to report a- Blugh a- OH YEAH- A DeAtH right in this boardwalk, ohhh yes”

report the thread for nsfw because technically there’s a page with tits

I’ll read it to you in my Tyrone voice

me everytime optam posts something

I agree but it also includes you :sunglasses:

Who the fuck uses webtoon

Shit ass comics are found there amigos

I do

there’s some bomb ass hentai in there


? (If you were serious), I don’t remember any nudity. Though the candy cane person’s costume might trick lads xD

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