[RANT] Why are cheaters existing

Bro i was in a server minding my own business on my skybase putting some lockers on until this guy randomly appeared on top of my roof destroying every roof and sentries that i have,without GUNS DUDE WITHOUT GUNS IT JUST DISAPPEARED I WAS LIKE OMG. And then i checked his Profile this guy does not even have unturned on his profile,well the inventory has a few unturned stuff.The server has VAC/Battleeye thingy, His been on the server for 4 days i tried reporting him on steam and nothing happened idk why he didn’t got banned.

People cheat to gain an advantage, whether it is slight or not. Simple as that. Human nature always makes us theive for an unfair handicap just to win anything.

VAC doesn’t protect against all cheats in Unturned because it only scans for cheat hashes that match ones in the Unturned VAC database (not a lot of hashes there). Using BattlEye on the server can reduce the havker amount to next to zero because it scans the memory and behavior of programs making it hard to bypass.

Steam reporting is useless, Valve doesn’t do manual bans in any other game than CSGO and TF2.


Well, they also do it for offensive profiles…

Thnx for that useful info

Hackers exist in every game.

Anti-cheat engines can never find every single hacker, and reporting doesn’t do very much (though it’s good that you did).

That being said, this thread seems to be more of a rant than anything else, so I have inserted that into the title to reflect this.

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If you are on a rocket server, they have access to the /wreck command.

It was probulay A admin, and SKYBASES were NOT allowed.

So it was demolished.

With that command that wrecks things in a vicinity.

End of story.


likey is some shitmin or another trigger happy admin

far from i used instant wreckage cheat does not exist currently, teleport however does but it made so badly

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Too many shit admins and kids with power complexes that are given moderation roles on this game.

Also yeah, an amazing amount of exploiters/script kids who need to feed their superiority complex because “Wah Im not good at anything so I need to cheat”

It’s “script kiddies”


Admin aboose

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Listen kid, Battleye is a pretty trash anticheat, At least in the way nelson implemented it
(Im looking at you auth physics) Literaly yesterday i saw a hacker making vehicles fly and crashing peoples games. ill be honest hackers on this game are very incognito, and don’t really care much for other people.
Also the thin collision dosen’t really help much causing the floor rubber banding and also making it easy as hell to glitch through the map with just a car and a few plates. Or you could tp somebody to you while your proned under a plate

Doesn’t change the point you’re trying to make, but authoritative physics isn’t related to BattlEye.

Yea, but It still makes the game a lot more harder for server owners to use. Auth is pretty trash tbh

At least they dont crash your client or the entire server everytime they find you ¯ \ (ツ)

i am tempted to fix this titles english

if you think about it, it’s more correct than it should be
“why are cheaters existing”
it sounds wrong but it’s right

what if it was, “why do cheaters exist”

As Molton said, auth physics is completely unrelated to Battleye and is something Nelson manually put into the game himself to combat flyhackers back when Unturned had no potent anti-cheat (VAC was useless).

Battleye is actually pretty good as far as anti-cheat engines go.


why ARE cheaters exsisting? he does have a point

I posted about how bad of a job nelson / BE is doing to combat hackers in 3.x here - Thoroughly disgusted by Battleye's Unturned anticheat

I am still thoroughly disgusted, and according to certain individuals BE can’t stop a lot of the hackers because they are taking advantage of exploits in the games code, which, the same individuals have said would be easy to fix but nelson hasn’t fixed them. If this is true then it truly disgusts me how nelson works. There were hacks earlier that could crash peoples games, and that was fixed rather quickly by nelson. Yet your typical run-of-the-mill hacks are completely unregulated and undetectable.