Realistic bullet hit and damage

also someone just need a full auto gin and to aim for the head and your done

stay with 3.0 if you do not want realism

That’s really not a good argument. Nelson wants 4.x to be more PvE based, but he hasn’t made a statement on how “realistic” he’ll make it, as far as I am aware. An idea like this kind of destroys the PvE factor by making PvP and KoS too easy.

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It’s not a matter of 3.x or anything.
But your suggestion of “more realism” is too much for a game. Because no matter how realistic you want it to be, it’s still a game.
Idk if that idea is hard to grasp for you, but it seems pretty easy for everyone else.

Again, this is a game, a survival game nonetheless; so implementing this PvP-encouraging mechanic will defeat the purpose of why Nelson’s making 4.x in the first place. So please think of what the developers want instead of instantly suggesting something that is the complete opposite of what they want

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One shot of .22 Long Rifle, which has lighter, smaller, and slower bullets than many pistol cartridges can kill a person IRL, but that doesn’t mean every time one touches someone’s head within 10 yards they are guaranteed to instantly die. If it were actually to be fully realistic, death would have to be a process rather than just an on/off state and I don’t think anyone actually wants that.

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in unturned, maybe, because the head is the size of a fUCKING WATERMELON
i’m triggered about the head size still. either way, headshots should actually matter, as opposed to “oh i did slightly more then minimal damage”.

I have already written a comment
-strike in the helmet
player -notfing damage (depends on how good the helmet is)
-strikes in front
chances 33% dead, 33% unconscious, 33% -50%hp reduced visibility or drug effect+ bleed

The only thing worse than a broken mechanic is broken RNG.

Everything about this seems bad - especially resulting in increased PvP, because it is now possible to instantly kill anyone with any weapon. In addition armor isn’t actually even that effective, as it serves the role of deflecting/absorbing mid-caliber rounds or stopping low-caliber. So your suggestion is off in both the realism aspect and the balance aspect.


‘Don’t like my bad suggestion? Stay in 3.0 then.’

what hes suggesting is another 3.0
but worse PVP (which is not the focus its PVE)

Reminds me of that Navy Seal that survived getting shot 27 times… Also if you get shot you don’t immediately fall over like in the movies.

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someone survived 10 pointblank head shots

it’s not a bad idea
if you’re hit in your helmet with a axe (handgun…), pistol (low caliber) , do not take any damage .

Armor hitboxes are reasonable. One-headshot deaths aren’t.


i agree
because someone to just take an SMG
and sprey and prey

smg is a small caliber
if you are not close enough to target the critical area, you will not be able to kill quickly
Also, if you shoot in the armor, the victim does not receive any damage (low caliber only)
it is more advantageous to target the enemy leg, hand (for disarm and stun)

waht about a nykorev?
thats mili grade (ima stop now bc im turning into THAT kid, but still i was tryng ti get the point across taht a full auto gun could kill VERY FAST if headshots ere oneshots)

it’s easy to kill with big guns
that’s why in 4.0 big guns will be rare (ammo be rare)
-big recoil
-big spreed
-scope are rare (to target harder)

it is very easy to make a balance

sigh ok
i get what your saying
but (this is what i think) that the “spread” is that you dont know exactly were the barel is pointed (holy i just contradicted my statement of it doesn’t have to be real)
having guns be rare it doesn’t discourage pvp
it just changes how players will kill

but heres my idea
instead of head shots oneshoting just have it do double dmg (or something like it?)

“having guns be rare it doesn’t discourage pvp”
it’s true, but you will not have enough ammo to finish what you started