Realtime Radios


There are a lot of other topics that should be talked about right now. Take this as a side suggestion.

Everytime I play Unturned, I tend to stumble on a base blasting their cool new radio.
One thing that would be cool is uploading your music realtime, it simply streams the music to the radio and plays it. You’d know by now, There are a lot of problems to this:
1. If the one playing the sounds is lagging hard, probably having ping of over a thousand, this would lead to a lot of problems, 1.1: The music cuts off from time to time, 1.2: The music will sound weird because the audio data probably got messed up on the way to the server and back to you.
2. No matter how many people are trying to “make the world a better place”, there would be this one annoying kid who thinks that he is above everything and is very immature that he plays bass boosted music/inappropriate music. Though this could be counter-acted by being able to mute radios.

Playing custom music in radios

This could be if radios will be in 4.0
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Yeah no. Even if you can mute it, there will be people who don’t know how and complain about ‘inappropriate music reeeeee!!!11!!!’. Custom music would be very bad. An alternative is a selection of curated songs, ie the Unturned theme.


_ workshop curated music _


That could work


Running in the 90’s better be curated…


Copyright wouldn’t let that happen.


Well 4.0 will have full modding support so the game cannturn from survival game to military simulator with mods. A song for a radio should not be to hard eh?


meh true xd


Reporting would work


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this is 9.523424 CFM

man someone can literally make a radio show in unturned
yes pls


Curated songs each one with different style (Rock, electro, R E G G A E T O N)


Here are my thoughts & suggestions regarding radios

Let me know what ya’ll think

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I was thinking about having a radio station the player could listen to get more info on Turned and survival tips.


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