Reasons 2.0 is better than 3.0

  • Electric traps and fences
  • Metal shield
  • Canned chilli (I liked to collect these)
  • Batteries
  • Craftable tac light
  • Optics on pistols
  • Weapons spawning with unique attachments (the 7x and 20x scopes)
  • Chests
  • Inventory weight
  • The anomaly
  • Shotgun mechanics
  • The novuh, double barrel, and lever action

Edit: forgot the stone buildings, I miss those too


fucking 2.0 nerds
we all know the superior version

1.0 is the best choice out of all of them
it is the superior version


There’s one thing 1.0 has and 2.0 doesn’t.




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joke mode: obviously deadzone is the best one you guys

overly serious mode

the only two things here that are just objectively better features are inventory weight and shotgun mechanics

everything else could either be easily added (pretty much everything item related), wasn’t necessarily better (the anomaly), or was intentionally excluded, likely for balance (pistol optics and weapon attachments)


And the map felt a lot bigger without being too stretched thin or too slow to traverse


You know nothing.

Deadzone is obviously best version of Unturned
You aren’t true Unturned fans



sure it’s great buying skins with money but what about buying them with robux


honestly that might’ve just been that we’d never had anything bigger

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Nah its because you moved slower and your char was smaller

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well i like being 2 meters tall >:(

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'tis normal when youre Dutch :^)


I was looking back at 2.0 screenshots, and something I miss that I didn’t realize I missed was the style of the wooden walls. They had those two posts in the flat walls, which IMO were much nicer looking than these log cabins that you can apparently make out of 3 logs per wall.

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Yeah, they looked better overall. Wood doesnt look too bad in 3, but metal is very ugly, stone looked much better in 2. Thank god for the new crafting system though.

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Yeah. I don’t hate the 3.0 wood, but after seeing log cabins everywhere, it kind of gets bland. The 2.0 walls and stuff at least looked like something a survivor would quickly put together instead of spending time making a 1x1 cabin for less than 25 logs (I still don’t understand the logic in that).

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Yeah It looks good on a 1x1 or something, but if you go bigger than that it starts to look repetetive and kinda weird. 2.0 was better in that aspect

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no no no Deadzone is the best!


Reasons why 2.0 is not better than 3.0

  1. You can spawn items with cheats
  2. You can kill others from anywhere with cheats
  3. You can spawn vehicles with cheats
  4. You can do whatever you want with cheats

Beside cheats:

  1. Graphics look awful, looks too “minecraftish”
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I like the graphics honestly. Sure it was robloxy, but that doesnt have to be a bad thing.

The proper problem is the animation, especially the death animations which are incredibly stale due to lack of animations and ragdolls.

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also sync
sync was shit