Reasons 2.0 is better than 3.0


1: You can spawn items with cheats

can’t you do the same in 3.0?

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You can’t cheat items in on servers without cheats in 3.0

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It is impossible, Unturned 3 uses an RPC protocol with an authoritative server, while Unturned 2 did not.



I loved the 2.0 art style and preferred the ammo names. That maps were big and it was really fun 3.0 doesn’t look as good as 2.0 in my opinion

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PEI had the same size (or almost) as the current one (medium).

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Felt bigger though

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I find Unturned 3.0 to be better and improved in many ways compared to its previous versions, though there are some features that I wish would be re-implemented in future updates, such as inventory weight and weapons spawning with different attachments.



xD :smiley:



Ok honestly i think this should be all apart of 3.0 because the trap and weapon are awesome one thing i don’t like is how the lever action get cock .Nelson put it where you can not see you cocking the gun while it in action shooting it would be good for nelson to fix how you shot the gun and cock it no offense to you nelson but yeah.i should be a the person shooting the gun either semi or auto (btw they a way to shoot a gun autoly if it lever action).How to shot it autoly is to have gun bolt or screw under the trigger and your able to shot it autoly cause of it ( i learn this from the rifleman if anyone is wondering).They are more detail that i want to explain but i think am being to full of it some ya this is my suggestion.



Can you try to grammar next time???



@Nowhy01 basically said that everything you had listed should be added to Unturned 3, because they’re cool features.

I (@MoltonMontro), too, mostly agree.



Deadzone is not even a Unturned version.



2.0 was way better than 3.0 tbh, the zombie animations and stuff were better but the main thing i liked 2.0 was because it felt more… apocalyptic… everything was dull and stuff nothing was too bright unlike the 3.0 maps with big cities still intact, the entire hawaii map, etc.



Yeah, it’s (even artificial) difficulty made it much better as well. And it’s art style wasn’t just browns and grays, it was just overall darker. It having those two things made the game feel much more mature and difficult.



3.0 is better than 2.0 overall, but 2.0 for sure had the better lighting/atmosphere and definitely a better shotgun reloading system.



Man, i actually like the log cabin look. Metal, i agree is complete shit and should be changed, but the log cabins are cool.

I remember building huge bases in early 3.0, back when you could punch structures down and the best way to counter it was to get 15 people to place a pine wall in the same spot.



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ye! 2.0 also have holy water ocean! you have a broken leg and you are bleeding? just enter the sea of holy water and you will be instantly cured!



True it better but Nelson had to change 2.0 to 3.0 cause of graphics and probably did not want to do all the hard work of all of this.Altho it looks easy to code tho.



@pondfisher is right you know.


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