Reclaiming lands


It should be Kopecks, you rich bastard!
Jokes aside, PvP is always fun as long as people don’t just kill you on sight. Seriously, raiding is fun as well, gives you a thrill.

Hopefully multiplayer won’t instantly imply CRAZY PVP in Unturned II, so when we speak about multiplayer, don’t expect silly definitions, just the bare and simple one:

Multiplayer: modality of videogames that allows you to play with other people.

Just that. Unturned II will have inmensely PvE aspects overhauled by default. :+1:

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Have you ever heard of “Here’s my two dollars on the subject?” No, it’s always cents.

2 Rubles= 3 cents :wink:

(Yes I know I screwed up)

But I understand the multiplayer aspect will be way better in 4.x, but a basic fact of the internet, is that there will always be jerks that only seek you out to ruin your day.


And that is why guns exist.

yeah well npcs would replace players in singleplayer. we want singleplayer to actually be fun, not some boring af thingt hat nobody plays again.

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Even as tasteless as Unturned’s singleplayer it was, I spent tons of hours in it, lol.


Are you talking about Canada specifically or including the entire history of the world? I don’t know much about the former, (I try to stay as far from Quebec as possible,) but I am fairly certain the latter would be untrue.

America mainly but some other countries follow these kind of prisons.

Heck, this prison was built in the 1830s and improved upon through out the centuries. (New Jersey State Prison)

But this prison (the Maze Prison) was constructed in 1971, and you will note, it does not have walls, but high fences instead. (Built in Northern Ireland)

Welcome to PEI

I couldn’t find any Canadian prisons, because everyone is just so darn nice :).

Whoa bro, what about the Canadians in the revolutionary war? They burned down the whitehouse.

Uhm, correct my history if I’m wrong, but Canada only got it’s independence in 1867, meaning that the Canadians could not have possibly burned down the whitehouse.

But maybe you are thinking of the French? However, the French were still on the American’s side and even supported the Americans with Troops, Guns, and Generals (Lafayette).

You’re both wrong/inaccurate, but a history lesson really isn’t warranted right now.

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Aye, fair enough, back on topic it is then.

This kind of brings back memories of the time i tried to rebuild a section of St Petersburg. I was planning on going to go the editor to add NPCs to some of the buildings but I never got around to it.

Nonetheless I would love being able to rebuild civilization.

Spoiler alert that’s what pvp is all about. Never saw terrorists and counter terrorists drinking tea in some hut during any cs:go matches

Well, that’s a clear scenario on which both forces must fight to each other, in order to accomplish an objective or avoiding the opposing force from doing it, since it’s practically Law Vs. Chaos; “good guys Vs. bad guys”. However, in games like Unturned, the line there’s 1 common main purpose for everyone: survival and thriving, and that can be done regardless of the means, so the line that divides good from bad is more diffuse.

All this said, here’s a list of PvP scenarios I’d consider reasonable in a survival game, taking the KoS away:

  • Bandit/raider players: this already thrives in 3.x but, doesn’t this imply directly KoSing? In reasonable terms not always, since I’ve met raiders that don’t mess with naked or low-geared guys for mere dumb fun.

  • Self-defense: for against people like the forementioned and many situations in general. Also applies if you’re very distrustful to other players, so you can drive then away without killing (I’ve done so).

  • Revenge/Retribution: It’s mostly the spark that can lit up a war. However, take revenge from a scammer or raider is usually the case.

  • War: between two or more groups, and it would probably happen for the control of an area or if one of the sides are raiders/KoSers (you never seen TWD?).

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