Regarding custom weathers

The new update added support for custom weather, which, to me, is an extremely nice addition that i was waiting for a lot. However, as nelson added it, i wanted to know if he would also add an unity example and/or a guide that could help with creating custom weathers. I also wanted to know if all maps would get the heavy rain while other would simply get the average rain.

I also wanted to know if it was possible to have different kind of particles in a weather event and if it could be, theorically, possible to make flying to objects just like in storms where you can have flying debris and etc.

I also, finally, noticed the “Health per second” and “Stamina per second” part, is there any way, just like for blizzard, to have the stats affected only outside and could we also mod it so food, water or infection rate deplete as well with custom weathers ?

I think there is a lot of potential for a guide on custom weathers because they could prove really useful for some maps.

edit : just found out that you could have food, water & virus deplete as well


I assume you found the official documentation then, but I’ll link it anyways for other curious modders.

All of our newer official documentation has been going to the U3-Docs repository. This is linked to from in-game menus. These are the two main pieces of documentation you’ll want to read over:

  • WeatherAsset: Weather is now stored in …/Bundles/Assets. All vanilla weather has been converted to use this, and it includes an example weather asset. This is the main documentation page for creating the .asset file.

  • LevelAsset: Explains how to add custom weather to your map.

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I noticed that more than one effect doesn’t seem to work correctly, and when I put in more than one it negates the other one entirely. Is this intentional or part of unity’s restrictions? or am I doing something wrong?

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Is a unity package containing the rain particles, sound effects and etc… planned ?

Which one isn’t working~ Can you identify? :slight_smile:
I recommend making a bug report about it.

Omggg thats awesome! :)) :DDD <3

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