Regular issue notification (Mk. II)

If anyone still remember, I made a topic like this about 2 months ago. So I’m writing this one as update/conclusion.

I’ve moved away from my born country, I’m at a better home, well safe and healthier. I’ve been here just for 2 weeks, so I don’t have that many commodities yet, but it’ll get better slowly over time.

I finally have a mobile, so I can keep my activity on the forum, but it’s so tedious, can’t get used to it yet, so I just check out news and make short comments.

This is something I had in mind, but since making posts is way comfier from a PC and I don’t have one yet, I guess that this can wait (or be done by someone else…).

To anyone who cares, thanks for your concerns and support. I’ll be in touch and keep my activity on the forums but in a lower profile, since being here on mobile is so ankward.


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