Removal of Military Drum Magazines

Alright here we go, another suggestion for gun balance.

What would happen if drum mags were removed. In other games they are removed for balancing issues, and maybe the same for unturned should be done.

Assault rifles are better than any other gun in the game currently for their all-rounded-ness. However, wouldnt they be more balanced if drums were removed and instead maybe 40 round extended magazines were added?

Maybe LMG’s would be more used. The nykorev could be actually useful now. It has so much ammo to suppress and now people cant use assault rifles to do that to.

It would reward accuracy (for rifles) rather than spraying in the game.



I was going to disagree, but your point about making other guns more viable has changed my mind.
I’d like to see other guns have more uses, even if niché, and the removal of drums would definitely achieve this I believe.


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Thanks for the feedback, yea i definately think people are going to come to this topic disagreeing, but hopefully they will see that it would change pvp, make pvp fights a little longer (maybe) as reloading would now have to be considered etc.

Honestly, I feel like this doesn’t do much. Drums aren’t what enable ARs to be so good, its the stats of the ARs. Removing drums doesn’t really change the fact that ARs still have really good DPS and overall stats.


Having to reload 3.33x less frequently is a pretty big buff though you have to admit.
It increases it’s longevity making it less easy to just go in and spray everyone down without reloading once. It means that other weapons with higher ammo capacity become more valuable and viable.

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I agree that this doesnt do a lot, but it will decrease the overall versatility of rifles, possibly increase engagement time. It will stop them from being used as suppressive weapons. It will mean that taking out 3-4 people will require a reload, meaning that maybe you should question what gun you should be using and how you approach a situation.

As ive mentioned before, rifles are really overpowered, and small things may balance this out a little more, it will also mean that the pdw can now only hold 40 bullets which is a big nerf to the pdw.

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its rather a question of poor gun balance and not one type of guns dominating others

I agree with your point, however I dont think its going to be removed completly but I think it has to get nerfed in some way. Theres no reason not to play with a drum magazine if you have one.

One way to nerf it would be to make it only refillable with boxes. One of the most common ways to just refill them is with magazines. Another way is to decrease the reloading speed when putting in the drum magazine or increase the time to take out the gun that has a military drum attached.


This is already a thing and, while it’s a little bit annoying, I don’t think making the reloading speed even longer would discourage people from using the drum.


While I think this is for the sake of balance & it does remove an important mid or endgame magazine that ARs need in many situations, removing it won’t do much since ARs can hold a place in its own. Stats alone are the reason. It’s just going to be the same experience of ARs taking over.

If you were going this way, consider proposing a suggestion to lower the drum spawn rate to one of the lowest or make it that some maps restrict drums. Making it load a selected gun slower is also a valid option to balance it & the reload speed skill upgrades. The least liked but the most effective is a rework that removes 50 rounds from the drum magazine, making it more like an X-15 drum than the Beta-C Mag currently.

I do understand where you are coming from though, having to remove it as what other games did to balance all things important. But in my opinion it won’t budge that much to knock the ARs off their throne. ARs are versatile guns that aren’t easy to remove from one of the highest performing weapons in the game because of their stats that make them inevitable all the way. Sure there are those fast & slow but they never cease to please in most situations that occur, let alone their customization to be for the offensive &/or defensive.

Overall I see the need to tone down its usefulness, it will be hard without a proper tweak or rework (considering that’s close to impossible because 3.0 hardly gets important updates) but surely it can do something to tone down the overuse of ARs.

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Maybe make them alot more rare and maybe make it harder to find ammo to make it even less viable

its not a question of drums being bad its issue of other guns after ARs being either useless or very situational, you have peashooter smgs that run same boolets as ARs, hit-or-miss shotties that also are rare and dmrs/boltactions with no use up close

crippling guns with drums will do nothing in combat, like what you gonna do, reduce its accuracy or reload time? everyone will be dead dead at moment of reload lmao

Make gun size affect aim speed, holster time and incur a movement penalty.
Boom, you will no longer sprint around like mad with an assault rifle (much less a battle rifle) plus using beta-c mags would make the weapon heavier and thus increase all of the three penalties.

Thanks for the feedback. Alright so suggestions to make it rarer still don’t affect majority of the servers (opkits or normal kits even). And that’s why the suggestion to remove them completely was on my mind. I get that this is an end tier item, but for a sandbox game maybe balance should be considered over better loot.

Dscreasing mobility is another idea for a nerf, but the point is still that I think assault rifles are are too versatile and if you use any other gun you’re at a hindrance.
People say it won’t do much. Yes that’s the point, to not change things so much, but add a slight change. It means people might actually have to reload in a combat scenario, giving the attacker a time to attack on the person when they are reloading. ARs are the only weapons to use military magazines beside the pdw, so this is a Nerf to all ARs and the pdw. There are no ‘peashooters’ as leviathan stated that run military or ranger magazines.
Remember it’s just an idea.

I’ve suggested needing the Maplestrike but everyone seems against it for some reason.

So maybe this is the best of both worlds.

And I doubt this will happen even with full support considering we barely get any changes to 3.0 as of current. But just throwing the idea out there

Rarity changes would have an effect on normal servers. opkits server always have been and always will be a different thing, they never were about balance.
ARs are the mutlitool of the gun world, jack of all trades master of none. They are (and should be) outperformed by specialist equipment.
Imagine getting a leathermen and complaining that it can do many things reasonably well and thus invalidates any other tool that can do a limited range of things better but all the rest pretty much not at all.

  • Remove Drums
  • Make Drum ammo capacity smaller
  • Make Drums take longer to reload
  • Make Drums have proportionally more weight
  • Make Drums even rarer
  • Make Inserting ammo into the drum itself slower or take longer to compensate for larger capacity (if time to fill magazines is added)

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I think if Nelson just added more things to the reloading and ammo mechanics, such as dynamic reloading times, time to insert ammo into the magazine, ammo weight, and so fourth would naturally balance it. I dont think we need these harsh, forced methods to discourage people from using them entirely.

They should almost always be a better alternative or direct upgrade to standard magazines, but, for instance, weight could stop most players from carrying more than 3 drums, or atleast make it less feesable (who the hell would carry and possibly loose 3 drums anyways?). I also like what @P9nda had said.

These better, smoother mechanic-based solutions would also better them across all scenarios. Creative? You’re more than likely still affected by weight, and so stocking your inventory full of drums wont be realistically feasible. So on.

Again, this is where most people disagree, this is a sandbox game. Most people don’t realise that. I understand some gins need to be better than others, but it shouldn’t be one version is just better stats than the other gun.

To keep your metaphor going,
Imagine buying a leatherman and having to chuck out your screwdriver and 6 inch cutting knives and automated Allen keys etc.

A lestherman is a tool of all trades but it’s NOT as good as the items by themselves. A lestherman is not going to beat a battery’s powered screwdriver. A lestherman is not going to be a 6 inch cutting knife when cutting. It’s not going to cut better than a 12 inch saw etc etc. It is good because it has all of them, but is worse then each separately. This is not the case for unturned ARs

Agreed, in 3.X some ARs are just the jack off all trades master of pretty much all.

isnt that… generally the point of ARs?

They’re for killing. Low recoil, good accuracy, good ranges, average ammo capacity. High modularity and attachment possibilities