Replace Deadzones with radiation

Instead of taking damage to ur immunity and health like in 3.0 there should be varying levels of radiation.
The closer to center, the more R/sec you get. Think similar system to fallout.

You could also go with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R version of radiation (mR)

I also feel like the outskirts of the radiation zone should be a bit random (sometime not that radiated) gives chance to just pop in grab something from that one area and leave without getting rad sickness.

Rad sickness should be curable with vodka or something like radaway.
Also a gasmask should not completly protect you, for complete protection you would need hazmat suit. It would give you 100% protection for everywere except the middle of the radiation zone. (but it would be severly reduced compared to just nothing or just a gasmask)

Also I feel like the more clothes you have, the more protection you should get.

I wrote this really quickly and did not go trough spelling mistakes or grammar.

Doesn’t make sense to do that when the area is radiated. If you go to that layer without any protection, you should feel week, and lose 1 tick per 5 seconds of immunity, and 2 ticks of health per 10 seconds.

already suggested.

How the fuck does vodka help cure rad sickness. please explain. Also, radaways are fictional, and could be abused in deadzones.

I don’t think that’s how it works in real life with basic clothing materials.(cloth, silk, etc)

I do agree with the state that there should be multiple levels of radiation depending on the position. And also on the point that he makes where a gasmask does not fully protect and that you need full hazmat for full protection.

Are you sure that in rl radiation zones are circular? Yeah, they arent

Please, come up with a better idea then

Ehh, they do protect a little bit, but us know radiation suits also nearly don’t help as well?

You literally just copied Harvest’s post, and made it have less detail.

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This was the post that inspired my post.

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Huh? It’s not like radiation suits are just orange plastic, they’re made out of radiation resistant materials, fabric, rubber, lead, activated carbon and boron, etc. Gamma rays are the most dangerous and penetrate pretty much everything but concrete and rad suits. Beta particles move very fast and dangerous as well, and it’s up to concrete and suits to protect you. Alpha particles are dummies and you can just wear a thong and be protected

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Yes but they still don’t protect you enough. Even with radiation suits, people who go to fix damaged nuclear power plants still die.

Can I get a source on that? You’re making it sound like nuclear power plant operators are drunk Klingons who cannonball into the reactor screaming “Perhaps today IS a good day die!” on the first sign of a control rod going wonky. If you’re using the Chernobyl plant for reference, please consider that Chernobyl was a generation I reactor created in a cold war race to just make a reactor. It’s been nearly 40 years at this point, nuclear power is far safer than it was then.

tl:dr if that’s the case then why do they wear the radiation suits if they just die anyway :thinking:

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WHo said there will be immunity in this game? Immunity was kindoff unrealistic and badly implemented in 3.0

Instead we will have food poisoning and diff levels of rad sickness… Much better than just a bar that goes down.

Also vodka will reduce rad poisoning cuz its easter egg to game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cheeki breeki iv damke.


insert cringey s.t.a.l.k.e.r meme here

I’m talking about damaged power plants from earthquakes and such. The radiation suits make it so they can survive longer, but they will die of cancer sometime after they have fixed it.

Maybe I have the wrong info though.

IIRC, only about 30% of the survivors of the nuking of Japan ended up dying from cancer. Of course I don’t have the actual statistics on hand, and many of them probably had cancer that just happened to not be their cause of death.

Then why would anyone even accept the job if death is certain?

Cause more people would die if they don’t.

Also, you probably think I mean people who work there full time. As I said before. It’s people who have to go and repair the damaged reactor and such after a natural disaster

Ah, yes. The multitude of power plant meltdowns we’ve had due to earthquakes, a whole one

None of the Fukushima workers died of rad poisoning - 573 others died due to the whole “earthquake and tsunami” thing

This isn’t a direct response but

Gamma goes throught anything but really thick lead and concrete, so a rad suit won’t do jack

Alpha is inhaled or consumed, it can’t go through your skin but beta can and I’d stopped by rad suits.

Gamma is more dangerous long term and doesn’t kill you instantly, it does damage by ripping your dna apart, which is why some people who are irradiated survive but die of various cancers later in life, but cancer isn’t super dangerous and lots of people survive it.

Also replace vodka with iodine and potassium blue if you want mess that stop radiation.


do you mean general cancer or radiation induced cancer

General cancer and radiation induced cancer is same thing its just that radiation induced cancer is more cancer, so I guess radiation induced cancer is more dangerous because you would probably get more cancer, but that just depends on how much radiation went through you