Revamped cosmetics, with drawing


Hi, I will be talking about about how cosmetics will be applied. Note i will not be talking about how they will be found, i have a another topic on that.

Cosmetics for clothing

Cosmetics can be applied in the character menu screen. You will have a base color shirt and you can add whatever decal, and a background color that is similar to the shirts color. For example, I go into my characters menu screen, i click on green shirt, i add the pickle decal, and i make the background color a more lighter monotone green. Now when i am playing unturned II, when i find a green shirt it will be a monotoned green with a pickle decal on it.

The decals should be simple, like a apple, or a banana, or a fish, or even a zombie. Just decals with one or two colors at the max. Also the background color for the shirt should also be simple with 3 colors of the same hue. Like a dark green, light green striped shirt.



Sorry for such shet drawing

Anyways if you don’t like what i wrote or disagree with some of the topics comment down below


Nelson has said that he doesn’t want bright cosmetics, so I guess our beloved animal themed shirts will be in-game items instead of cosmetics.

Either that or the modders will bring them as modded clothing with several upgrades because why shouldn’t you upgrade stuff.


I think Rust does have a similar skin feature too.


Actually, that is an interesting way of making cosmetics. Although that might make them all loose cost to almost zero, and we don’t want to screw with the market.


the cosmetics wouldn’t have any cost kinda like rocket leauge


Oooh we’re taking it one step further! xD
I don’t know how rocket league works so

Then I’m guessing you craft them/buy them with an ingame non-purchasable currency that you get by let’s say killing megas?

If nelson made it purchasable it would not make sense, just use real money xD

Although For stuff like curated map creators, there should be the crate/bundle system we have right now. I only ever bought Hawaii and Russia crates, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to do so, and I like that system, mainly because I don’t have a credit card or permission to get a paypal account.


nah you just get them randomly or maybe you pick up a ‘’ special’'shirt that has cosmetics on it and once you pick it up it gives you those cosmetics, can only be pick up at towns not player drops.


I don’t think we need cosmetics in 4.0 unless nelson really needs the money.


mmk just an idea if Nellve wanted to do them again


Personaly I was thinking more toned down ones.

Say, a more quality looking knife, business suit with different color tie, medic/lab shirt has scrop-7 logo, green plaid and not red, and a baseball cap with a actural unturned themed baseball team on it.



Ah that’s sounds much more simple and not to complicated for dopamine to do

Sorry meant nollan


It’s all cool and good, but the moment you die, you’ll just lose everything.
Idk, doesn’t seem worth.


Yeah put clothes are pretty common so you could probably get 60% back of what you had


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