Sacrificing Canned Beans

Edit 2021-09-01: sorry, but this item is no longer available. Considering the interest, an actual feature for skin crafting might return at some point.

Yesterday I got an email asking about trading up multiple mythical canned beans to create Runic Canned Beans with the Spectral Gems effect. What do you think would be a fair quantity of beans to sacrifice for this? Would anyone else like to partake?

I suggested posting this on the forum for feedback, but they asked me to post on their behalf.


I say give the mans his beans, same quantity as the other mythical crafting plus some commons or whatever so you can’t just spam it. @DustyNuts-Bean_Collector post results if you get them.

Five seems reasonable. After all, they are mythicals.


How long have you bean thinking of this


I am buying 12 cans of mythical beans to partake in this! (5 for each runic mythical and I buy 3 more cans to craft a third???)

Why would this be allowed? Wouldn’t that mess with the Canned Beans economy?

This should all be hinging on the same mythical crafting system, maybe a Bean specific one.

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If this is happens, can I trade in 5 mythical Eaglefires for a Wealthy Jackpot Eaglefire


Maybe this will just be a one-time special cult ceremony. Ordinarily I would say no sorry, but these are canned beans we are talking about. I am inclined towards a scheduled ritual with plenty of forewarning. If the amount of beans required is higher perhaps it will not negatively influence the economy?

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I like the way you’re thinking. There are some cheap mythical beans, so 5 is a reasonable number in my opinion.

What if the craftable skin was some special rainbow variant of the runic beans to match the effect :flushed::flushed::thinking:

I think it should be a maximum of like 6 mythical beans for the trade up, most are like 3 dollars and i doubt anyone would be interested in investing more than 20 smackaroonies into this (although there was this one bean enthusiast that had like 3 pages of mythical ones so you never know)


all i can say is…i like beans

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that…may or may not be me…

How about a clear skin, where you can see the beans in the can


fantastic quote


Four cans.

my rainbow can of beans is my favorite item in unturned 3

Why should this be allowed?
Take a look at their price. Steam Community Market :: Listings for Mythical Crystal Shards Runic Canned Beans
The guy’s trying to cheat the market and has the audacity to mail a developer over it.
If you’re gonna have a beans crafting event, have it be a completely new can of beans, not an existing item with a high market price.

They sell for like 10-15 doller. …

And the cheapest ones are 2-3 dollars. idk man but i think 13 is a bigger number then 2