SB Devlog #0

Get ready, this post is going to be very, VERY big

You’ve probably seen some of the screenshots of the snowy map in the unturned official discord showcase last month, or from the other sources.

What is SB? Snowburgh, in short. The project i’ve been working for over than two years. And if you’ve been in the community for quite a long time and are watching the showcase, you can probably remember some older screenshots of this map. I don’t want to go into history in this post.

(I wanted to finish the map to at least a barely playable state by the end of this year, but realizing that i wouldn’t have time, i decided to make this post as something like ‘2023-2024 development revamp’)

This year, the map turned from state of “in the remake process” to state of “unplayable piece of raw WIP shit that looks pretty decent to show”. This year, I didn’t do enough to make the map playable, but the main goal (complete rework (IT5), with some amendments) was generally achieved.

[Russian Apartment from end of 2022 (top), same building now (bottom)]

                                  About the map itself

The map is a region located in the northwestern part of Russia, somewhere in the area of ​​Arkhangelsk or Murmansk (I still haven’t decided, although the difference is big)
The region is autonomous, was founded around the 60s of the 20th century, has several industrial, scientific and military enterprises on its territory.
The main city is Severopol’ (originally Snowburgh, but i decided to change this name)
Also, i would like to point out that the region was infected only at the end of 2021 - beginning of 2022

To the main topic — Results of this year

This year i completely changed the ideas of the previous “Iterations” (Dev periods). The map has grown both technically and visually. Almost all the old content has been removed and/or redone (although you can still see old models on the map in some places, and nevertheless, this is still not the final result, in terms of models partially and locations for sure).
Along with the old appearance, the old gameplay was completely removed, which has not yet been replaced by a new one, and in general this year i focused more on visuals and preparatory procedures for the gameplay implementation (In other words, large and medium objects)

       Changes, additions and comparisons are described in more detail below:
  1. New medium objects

    (Start of this year)

    (First Half)

    (Second Half)
    That’s just a small part of the objects i made this year.
  2. New large buildings

    (i remade the military base twice this year)

And the final for this year - another panel apartment

I never had time to finish it because of the many things that needed to be done, so, next year.
3. New items (not so many)

Old (march) AKs and new (june)


New armors (i remade their camo

Uhh… that’s it probably (iskra isn’t for sb i just used it because i have no food for snowbruh now)

  1. Remade foliage

    Old foliage from IT4 (may 2022)

    Newer foliage (as you understand, i was dissatisfied)

    Newest foliage

  2. New location concepts

    Military Base from the start of the year

July Military

Endyear military (still not the final result)

Military Basement

That Water Treatment Plant (end 2022)

Same plant (now; i will also remake it)

EFT Support office

Street old (top) and street new (bottom)

Outpost in the woods


Village (old (top) and new (bottom))

(here i used many of the objects from russian apartments mod and some of the efu objects (also used them in other places) as a placeholders, thanks to Sheba for apartments mod and torqs for allowing me to use efu objects)

Testing the dark green version of the trees


6. Remade the lighting

New, old below

(too lazy to take a normal screenshots, so used old instead)

Other media

‘new’ (half a year ago) look apartments

One of the old NPP buildings with newer objects

GTS another entrance

Doomer by Der Ente

KR Test (also i have jam animation but i didn’t show it in this video. Also, several people said that the shoot sound is strange, i probably will change it)

GTS (Underground comms)

Blinking Light + Lens Flare test

Molotov with heat damage

Sealgate buildable

“Jaeger” (haven’t changed camo and fixed armor yet then)

Terminal Video

At the moment, map is being developed by 1.5 people (me and my friend, but for now he’s just learning modeling and acts as moral support for me)

Sorry if the post turned out to be sooo long, i tried to fit all the moments from development over the last year here

So far the only pretty finished thing on the map is an overall design, almost no gameplay, almost no lore implemented, no interactability.
The map is going to be very detailed, with the new custom gameplay solutions and, as you can see, visual solutions as well.
For now, the map is just a custom map project, but we would like it to be curated or at least featured/highlighted.
We have been working on this map for a very long time and DO NOT plan to give up making and reworking it.

If you want to participate in the playtest (which will not be very soon, but most likely it will be), watch the further development of the map in more detail or just ask a couple of personal questions, here’s links to:
Our dev discord server (for further info and playtests) - NSDG Dev
My discord (DM) - owaz
My steam - Steam Community :: OwaZ'

In conclusion, want to say
Happy new year everyone!!!1



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Nice Stuff! Definitely have a potentional

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how much does all this eat up productivity?

it doesn’t take very much pure time, considering that sometimes i can start doing something and do almost nothing all day, and sometimes i can do quite a lot in an hour
modeling isn’t so hard (basically creating 3 cubes and making a composition out of them), free time and mood factors play more here


I can not join the discord is anyone else having problems with this?

The Discord link posted by OP was probably only a temporary link that expired after a few weeks.

Ok thanks.

Oh, yeah, the link is expired. Here’s the new one: DeltaDev
Now it should be permanent

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