Scared for Unturned 2

With the current state of Unturned 3.0 I am afraid that Unturned 2 will end up the same. If Nelson doesn’t focus on survival then I am afraid that we will just end up with another client to play PVP servers on. I can’t be the only one who thinks this.


Ummm… I dont want to be rude, but you should really read the blog posts and the forum. A quick scan over these things would probably change your opinion.


Ok, just curious. Do you happen to know how long U2 has been in dev for?


around of 3 years.


ok, thanks.


Wait, wasn’t it announced in 2018, making it 5 years soon?


I’m not the best at math, but I don’t think 2018 was 5 years ago. The first prototypes of the game are maybe 2.5-3 years ago.


i. just. realized. i. am. stupid.


As long as there will be PvE elements implemented well (including gamemodes) then I’m sure the game wont be dumbed down as another PvP survival game

But it’s inevitable that PvP will still be a popular multiplayer setting so it’s all a matter of whether the other parts of the game gets sufficient attention.


The fractor can be people/comunity but yeah less spawn of guns and ammunition can solve some percentage of kos.alos mechanics if they aren’t realeated to pvp and i think there should be more zombies and bandits are good addition to that.

Unturned 3.0 right now is in a very stagnant state. The updates are there just to keep the game alive, the content is curated from the community. Don’t use 3.0 as a point of reference for what Unturned II would be, because the whole premise behind Unturned II is to redo the whole thing. More survival, grittier art style, tad bit more realistic and not filled with the arcadey additions like Mary Poppins umbrellas and SPGs and the things that have gotten themselves into 3.0 over the years.
It’s more of a reboot than a sequel, by the looks of it. If a comparison MUST be made, i think Unturned II is much closer to the feel of 1.0 and not Deadzone, 2.0 or 3.0.


Wise words but who is killing mostly? People i hope U II will be less pvp but you know it can slip something we need watch and avoid that mistake that consumed 3.0.If the treat of zombie will be serious that brutality will mostly aimed at them and people will often find allies and even friendly towards playes thant just shoot them cuz no reason.You know why ww2 is still talked or other horobile events? Well i little comperd 3.0 to the worst i know you can enjoy that game but is not great situation mostly is problem of comunity and mechanics of the game.And in UII were added guns but non survival aspects(for now on i know there will be improved ai and also zombifacation but mostly the shoot shoot things often).

Also i agree its closer to 1.0 but i dont want end up with 3.0 again and someone said that UII will have survival mechanics well 3.0 have those but mostly of them are useless they need to have some benefits.

i dont know whats wrong with pvp servers. games without pvp are boring

Well we talk about kos(kill on sight) and that apears on survival let me repet SURVIVAL SERVERS and that is only two things 1.find someone most case kill him and 3. reapet the cycle. I not against pvp sure is fun but killing zombies should be a challenge and trying minimize hostalite against players. I dont say pvp bad but if the game is only based on pvp is no longer survival it need to have interaction with players,survalving against zombies and players,gathering food,farming, and other mechanics that need fell useful and rewarding.

And pvp after some time is also boring (atleast for me).


Here i agree with u, but u have to understnd that even with super survival mechanics, the pvp is always gonna be there, becuse we as players on a videogame sometimes just want to kill, fight or try to be the king of the server. If u get bored of pvp then play pve.

You ignore the fact that PVP is always going to be a thing in ANY game, as long you can shoot other players. That’s a given and the only way to get rid of PVP in a game, is to make that game PVE.
That works for games that do it well, Payday 2, No More Room In Hell, Left 4 Dead, Warframe. See what the trend here is ? They’re all built on the idea for a PVE game. Not a PVP one.

The problem here is, that Unturned was never a PVE-oriented zombie apocalypse game. KOS is not something people should complain about, it’s something that players should deal with by either actively avoiding players or countering with force. As long as there is the possibility for a player to shoot another player, PVP and KOS will always be a thing. It’s just another factor to survival. People that are against KOS often ignore the fact that it’s another aspect of survival, but instead they dub it as “bad for the game” and blur it in with PVE, which is absurd. If you want to completely remove KOS, then Unturned II should be an open-world PVE and it’s going to turn into what’s basically a Left 4 Dead 3: Roblox Edition.

I’m not saying that Unturned should focus on PVP, a perfect mix of PVE and PVP in the same map/server is always better than having one or the other. Rust is on the right track with the Oil Rigs or Launch Site or the Military Tunnel, but Rust is definitely a 75% PVP, 25% PVE game. And this is where Unturned can make the mix better. More interaction with more PVE events or sites around the map and turn it into something more than a place to loot with AI enemies.

Also, that comparison with WW2 is totally out of whack. You can’t say that WW2 is talked about, because people killed other people which is awful, so therefore KOS in a low-poly survival game is the same. And the mistakes that plague 3.0 right now were not even part of the original idea, people just started to host OPKits or Sandbox servers and they became the majority of Unturned’s server and Nelson followed the trend to appeal to the players that wanted a free Battlefield game instead of a survival game. That was an exaggeration, obviously, but the point stands.

Nelson has already started on a fresh foundation, let him do his thing and follow the Trello to get an idea of what’s coming next. When the game goes out in a public beta, the suggestions will start getting more traction and attention. Just give it time.


Thing about ww2 i meant talking about history no brutality maybe too much of corepense with ww2 and 3.0 i wanna say that if you doing something that didnt work and history makes that to not reapet mistakes.i do not say anything about ww2 horrobile things done should be talked and to be fascinated of killing people i just get simple example of not reapeting wrong decission(i dont think 3.0 is horrobile but went kinda diffrent than was 2.0 ver and i dont say that pvp never exist in that later and saying to me playing pve the most cunt argument i heard and also i said i not against pvp but it need to be balanced).
Sorry for that all troubeling

I dont say pvp must gone just to get 50% pve and 50% pvp i like to shoot players but come on i dont wanna be alone killing left and right on each side just more friendly interaction between players.