Scared for Unturned 2

I just saying that he may make some mistake (that all people do) and pvp 80% and pve 20% but i hope UII will be great but i had situation that guy said that cant wait for UII and he just kill me when i was totally out of lot also i reapet pvp good but in some extend.

I want the game to be 80% PVE and 20% PVP.

Well everyone have diffrent look on what should be most targeted enemy

i want this game to be 60% pvp and 40% pve. games get boring asf when its just roleplaying cringe. like look at the OTV rust server. how boring is that

OTV is boring because there are no major threats. With unturned 2 the threats of zombies will be major and players will have to band together to survive. Bullets are rare to so they must be used wisely and make a lot of noise, attracting a horde. PVE will make the game fun and you can express your trigger happy tendencies on the zombies coming for you.

-also PVE doesn’t mean role play it’s just being more interactive with strangers and if you need some help with food or something you can ask your neighbor in game.

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yeah thats literally waht roleplay is bud

I want the game to be 100% survival, that includes the whole pve and pvp concept.

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No, your thinking of roleplay but that’s not what it is. What I want is friendly interactions. Not pretending to be a neighbor or survivor just a player helping another player, etc. roleplay would be playing a role as something else but that’s not the case here. I can be friendly to neighbors in unturned like giving them some extra wood if they need it and it’s not roleplay. Obviously, you just like to spam roleplay over being nice and friendly.

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In the end the game will be PVP or PVE depending on two factors, the difficulty of the game and the community of players.
The more difficult the environment, the more or less likely players will decide to kill or not to kill.
It is inevitable, but may decrease depending on these factors.

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Apparently, saying “Hi” without getting your head blown off is roleplay ?
By that logic, PVP players are roleplaying as blood thirsty bandits.


Thank you for showing everyone some sense on what is rp and not


If a game has any mechanics with PvP, then it’s a PvP game. Why do people think that you can put a percentage on how much PvE and PvP a game needs to be? That’s litterly impossible as a dev lol.

KoS is definetly something that a developer can’t fix. This is in every single PvP game. It’s not a mechanic, it’s based on the behavior of the players.

Roleplaying is also an immense part of survival games, you can’t deny that. So I’m happy to see that Nelson is focussing on every factor of the game, and not just one factor.

So why are people already assuming what this game will be while there isn’t even proper gameplay yet? The game has only been in development for 2 and a half years, give him time to finish the basics before going ham with criticism.


Why was this topic created in the first place. This isn’t a suggestion or anything close to it. Seems a bit pointless to me really.


The focus of the game will be PVE but still have Pvp but it should be more rare for people to hurt each other unless they are well off and can spend the resources fighting

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What are you talking about?
That the game is focused on PVE ? Since when… ? Nelson is making it balanced but you get to say that it is focused on PVE? Don’t say this kind of things that can confuse people please.

And read what @MrObi says:

because it is literally the truth. No one can impose the percentages of PVP or PVE, you simply can not. It’s the players decision to kill or not to kill and you can’t do anything about it. If you make the world more difficult, it is possible to kill out of necessity, but it is also possible to kill just because.
We must wait for the development to advance and then start criticizing this kind of things.


You’re asking for Nelson to fix human tendencies. Yeah, using bullets to kill the new guy looting a town might come back to bite you later, but so might the guy. Any system that discourages player freedom is a bad one. Is it fun to be looting and have some guy sneak up to load a whole mag into you? No, but it’s less fun to try and approach someone only for them to turn on you.

It’s the path of least resistance. If I need something they have and I have the means to get it, I will. That can be anything from an item to xp or even to secure myself later by not getting shotgunned in the back because I let some guy pick up a masterkey.

The only way to restrict human nature is to restrict the gameplay, and all that does is pull people out of it. PvE servers will always exist and they will always be less popular than PvP ones, but they will exist. If the trials and tribulations of a PvP server aren’t for you, there’s another dozen to go look at. Don’t judge an unfinished game based on how you think the gameplay might be. Find a place that suits your playstyle instead of trying to get the dev to build the game to suit what you want.


You don’t need to restrict pvp but just make it less favorable, I expect pvp but not a whole lot

It’s a survival game. I wouldn’t count on it.

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Lots of PvP

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You don’t expect ‘PvP’ to be toned down since every interaction is human behaviour, and it’s the very basis of PvP setting servers. That’s why sanity ideas are bad since you’re being punished for playing the game normally (thankfully it’s confirmed to never be a thing according to Trello)

The only thing that’s important is for the dev to provide us with content that’s enjoyable in the same level or better as multiplayer PvP servers compared to the first game.