Searching Yourself: Translated Forum Post Encounter

Now considering that I don’t know Russian I’ve got no clue if they threw an insult at me somewhere in here but it’s interesting to see that one of my past forum posts was specifically curated and translated for another website.

A few of the older posts have random bits of English text for whatever reason and there aren’t too many posts that’ve been done recently. They do make sure to translate official things like devlogs as well though.

I really should’ve put more effort into those alternative hand guards but it worked well enough for a demonstration/reminder. I may get some different results if I try to search by my images in the future.


They took our pooooost

God damn russians

First our election now this

These are two of the oldest things I found on it.

It makes sense that this would happen. Especially with the amount of decent-sized russian servers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@CravenWarrior сука блять

Oh no that means they translate whatever dumb shit I say in here :eyes:


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