Securing doors and getting through them

Tldr: a whole buncha locks, and how to bypass them.

numeric keypads

Nelson mentioned these butttt

  • numeric codes instead of being locked for everyone outside the group.

  • ability to be seen by someone else through binoculars, so basically someone can see you input the code, and copy it.

  • keys flash a color or have an animated “push down” - making it easier to put it in.

Key locked doors

It says it all basically, but here you go.

  • only can be opened if a person has a “key” in their inventory.

  • keys can be duplicated if someone has the original or a duplicate in their inventory

  • basically someone could kill you, steal your key, make a duplicate and raid your base.

wooden boards
  • door will be unopenable

  • anyone can get in, if they have a crowbar

  • stuff.

T1 Deadbolts aka chains

These will be just those chains people use so they can look outside without opening the door all the way.

  • can only be unlocked from one side

  • if you’re string enough, you can kick these doors in.

  • rather weak.

  • if the door isn’t locked as well, you can open the door slightly to see inside, but you can’t open it any further.

T2 deadbolts

These will also be in civilian. Homes, but they are the ones that slide over then let you open the door.

  • if there is only one of these, then they are about the same as chains, if there are 2 deadbolts (one at top, and one at the bottom) then you need high strength to kick the door in. Any more and the door will need a battering ram.
T3 deadbolts.

These are basically just boards put in a slot that blocks the door from opening.

  • very difficult to break down

  • easy to relock the door if you broke it down.

T4 deadbolts, aka super strong locks

These could be either steel beam versions of T3, or would be kinda like those bank vault locks where it inserts steel beams behind the door.

  • impossible to break down without explosives

  • sometimes requires a computer to be opened.

Switches, buttons, and bells.

These doors can only be opened if you find the switch or button to them.

  • not really any security other than what blocks you from the button

  • impossible to open, except MAYBE with explosives

  • bells and whistles.

NOTE: all door locking types will probably spawn naturally

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i would read it but its too long and i feel lazy


I like the vault idea in T4 Deadbolts, but it seems a tad OP. Perhaps only few locations have functional vault doors OR people can upgrade their door in their own turf enough so it transforms into a vault.

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Not gonna lie, key raids would be kinda broken in my opinion.

Well you would probably be able to assign certain keys to certain doors.

Perhaps you would be able to get through the first door sure, but afterwards you need to 1- find where they put the keys for all the other doors and 2- unlock that itself.

Also, the person after getting killed would probably run home and replace the door, so yeah.

Ehh they can be blown up xd, and if it was naturally spawning, you would probably find the code on a zombie or a computer nearby.

Also, for bases it would probably be both difficult to make, as well as needing a keypad or another way to get behind it.

Good idea, but if my base is open for the person that just killed me and got my key/keys then… idk

@skoeldis Hide your key nearby. NOT under the doormat though!

Would anyone consider locks that can be remotely unlocked from a distance?

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@Killerducky That’s a great idea!

I think.

yeah that’s how i always feel like inside i go for the comments :3


I’d imagine the ability to add a remote controller to a door, especially a garage door, being quite useful (assuming you’re not foolish enough to lose the remote!)


Yes that was the primary idea in mind. It would be beneficial to be able to open your garage door early in case of emergencies. This could also be applicable to hangers and larger garage bays if Nelson decides to implement them.

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T4 most interesting option

Tier 4- why are they considered options to you?

I just chose what I liked the most)


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