Senses. (With some other ideas)

Tl;Dr: Based on senses effects what you know about whats around you, ex. Not being able to see the items in your inventory if its dark and you arent holding a light source, In third person, what you cant see is darkened (Imagine project zomboid, except unturned.) And when your character smalls something particularly strong you will be notified of it.

The five sense:Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing, smell.


  • When you pick up an item, and you dont know what it is, you can inspect it. Certain details will come up, particularly what its texture it, and the shape. (smell will also come into this.)

  • If you are in the dark, and you run into a wall but cant tell you are (ex. you keep walking forward when theres a wall there) a prompt will show up saying “There is something in the way”

  • When you first encounter a gun, and your character doesnt know how to use it, they will experiment with it until they figure it out. this would once again be engaged by inspecting the weapon. Depending on the characters gun knowledge and how advanced the gun is, will depend on how long it take for them to figure it out.

  • Certain textures may cheer or upset the character (If your character is touching rotting meat, they will lose happiness.)


  • With foods, only a few of them you will be able to tell the quality by looking at them. (Bread, non canned vegtables, ect) With other items though, they will need to taste it first to tell the quality (Or smell it but thats beside the point.) This will be useful for things like milk, first the character would smell it, and if it doesnt smell bad, then taste it. Based on what the character finds would determine if they think it is still good to eat. (After reading some books, they could probably tell the quality without having to try it.) Be warned though, if certain foods are dangerous to eat when they go bad, it could be dangerous for your character.

  • good tasting foods would increase the characters happiness.


  • Tell the quality of foods, and what something looks like, as mentioned above.

  • When in third person your sightline would be the same as first person. anything you cant see in first person would be pitch black, similar to how project zombiod does it. you will be able to see your characters back int hird person, but you wont be able to see if something is behind you unless you turn around and check yourself. (ex. it wont even render in until you turn around. this would remove the advantages of third person, while still keeping it.

  • Certain locations when viewed by the character will cheer them up (ex. deer eating in a clearing, if of course you arent holding a bow with an arrow aimed at them)


  • When there are noises in the same building as you, they will sound muffled or echoy. if noises are like this, it WILL attract turned, but not to your exact location, just the general area.

  • Noises will be louder if you face them

  • noises will be quieter if blocked by walls


  • if your character smells something rotting, a prompt will show at the bottom of your screen saying “Something smells rotten” or “Something smells wrong” then a small circle will show up that will get larger and larger till it fills a different circle, showing how strong the smell is. (This could be used for knowing which areas are dangerous, ex. You open a door to a house and smell rott or some other fowl smell, and you can guess something is in there that you dont want to see, or its just a bunch of dead bodies or rotting food.) In dangerous areas with toxic gas, this would be your only warning that something is wrong.

  • Nice smells improve character happiness.

Random Ideas

You’ve probably noticed the sprinkling of character happiness in. Heres some stuff related to it, and a few other things.


  • If something upsets a character, they will become less effective at fighting. (Imagine project zomboid and you have a sort of basis of it, but expand and improve.)


  • If your character sees too much death, destruction, and terrifying things in general, they will start to go insane, which will cause several things to happen.
  1. They will hear noises that sound like zombie growls and other random noises

  2. occasionally a zombie will look like a player, or a player will look like a zombie, or other things.

  3. the character might not always do what you want them too. (wont craft something, or refuse to loot a corpse, ect ect.)

  4. Slower speed in general.

Removal of the hud in some form.

  • Imagine project zombie but less complicated. you can still open your inventory, but you cant tell how your character is doing unless if a prompt shows up (ex. “Im feeling sick/I’m having trouble seeing” “Im thirsty/partched” “Im hungry/starving” “Theres blood running down my side” ect.) You wont get these prompts unless you dont check how your character is doing for a while and something is wrong. (imagine how you open up your health menu in project zomboid, and get a general rundown of whats wrong. But perhaps you will need a slight timer for this, such as how the project zomboid mod where you can have npc survivors and it take a little bit to check them over.

there was a few more ideas, but they were lost in the whirlwind that is my head

Thanks for reading, please like the topic and use the poll as well.

Edit: Ideas that are strikethroughed are ones that I looked back over later and decided they were kinda stupid

  • Its pretty good
  • I like most things, excluding a few
  • I dont really care
  • I disliked most things, excluding a few
  • I hated it

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I think touch should be added so the player can walk around in the dark, like when you touch a wall, a faint blue mark shows up marking the location of the object. This would be great to allow you to navigate in pitch black which is impossible in u3

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well thats kinda the point of the thing. Perhaps that would work, but it would fade if you started walking away. I dunno.

honestly I am not a fan of most of this. I do not believe it has a place in a game like Unturned.

But like it would be pretty scary to be sneaking around in the dark only to get a there is something in the way prompt. You turn on your flashlight only to find out you walked right into a mega.


Just thought I’d drop this as it’s related

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actually it was from that topic where I got the idea for the smells thing.

About smell, would it be interesting to give players a basic sense of smell?
Certain items, actions or entities could emit odors, such as certain food items, explosions, animal dung, turned, etc. This allows for a slightly more realistic way of perceiving things along with hearing and vision. Smells would be indicated by a small notification somewhere on the screen, with a circle that fills up the closer the player gets to the source.
(Small example)


I feel like I’ve heard an idea for the sound in the way you described. Third person idea you have seems really interesting though if it would work well.

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I like smell, I think it could be like suggested above a dot that expands as it gets stronger. But tracking should be a skill that highlights some ‘tracks’ to follow to prey.
You could find the things to track with smell or just see them.

I like the idea of sense, although I think it needs to be a bit simpler (who does not know how to use a weapon?). Now of these ideas, the best thing is undoubtedly this:

I had already played Project Zomboid and had not thought of bringing that part to the unturned.

I also like the idea of sanity now how we could increase it (there must be a way, or else the players will simply play in the middle of the turn and die just to regain sanity, and that’s not legal).

The only thing I did not like was the part of the emotions, the zomboid is good and works well, now in the unturned, I think it would not work.

most of the ideas are kinda bad

Thinks that make the character happy will help alleviate this

I suppose,

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any reason WHY you think they are?

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Okay, I think I went over some information, I apologize.
I was wondering, like Do not Starve, that picking flowers improves sanity, but on second thought, I think your idea is better :sweat_smile:

Shrug I dunno, some of these ideas arent the best tbh

I think emotions and sanity would play better as a mod since they don’t really add much to the game

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my character, crying: please stop, i can’t handle this anymore

me: you shall endure ⁽ᶜʳᵘⁿᶜʰᶦⁿᵍ ᵈᵒʷⁿ ᵐʸ ⁸ᵗʰ ᶜᵃʳᵗᵒⁿ ᵒᶠ ᵉᵍᵍˢ⁾


Yeah kinda the idea XD

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