Shadowstalkers Comeback

Will they reappear in 4.0? I’m assuming the first is almost guaranteed, but since the Mk2 is a questline reward maybe as just some reference or easter egg.


Please, no more sci-fi weapons, I don’t even think that a rpg should appear in Unturned II, thay are too unbalanced, and just causes chaos.


The least it can do is just be some alien artifact that you can’t use because it’s too high tech to use and can only be scrapped for valuable crafting components


I don’t see how a handheld magazine fed rail gun could possibly be balanced (or even exist)

It would be good as an easter egg but you wont be able to pick it up

Eletromagnetc weapons dont are weapons sci-fi just need a hight voltage charge (video in portuguese) (video in english)

in the true things like Emps (Eletromagnetic pulse) to deactvate eletronic things or
A Thermic vision are things possibles.

Shadowstalker is an alien weapon, pretty sure that fits in the ‘Sci-fi’ genre

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I don’t see a problem with the shadowstalker making a return. As long as the rails are super rare, and the gun itself is balanced, like:

  • you need 5, 12 volt batteries to recharge it
  • the ammo is SUPER rare
  • you can only fire from a scoped (first person) perspective
  • it makes a TREMENDOUS sound and muzzle flash
  • stuns the user after firing it (because how powerful it is?)

Or the shadow stalker could just be really weak, because real coil guns are either bigger than some houses or weaker than some pellet guns.

That would be useful and quite the twist. Rather than being able to wield a mighty weapon, you can only scrap parts of it for other uses. Plus should there be other weapons like this that would either be only used for scrap or possibly take time to learn how to use… possibly a way to research into said weapon… a quest maybe?

welp, whos ready shadowstalker MK3?

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No we need mk20

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exactly, but instead of using rails, its uses a fuckin blackhole


now that is a mk20

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Naw it launches nukes mk3 also shoots like a machinegun

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explosive rounds of course, gotta get on that grind!


Maybe quest or skills to be able to use it?

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It’s a reference to the one 2r games made xdxd. As well as the showstopper mk20

Why are people saying the shadowstalker was imbalanced? The only broken part about it compared to other guns was that it shredded ACPs, it was just a worse timberwolf and a noob trap because it didn’t have bullet physics

Mk2 is a whole nother story though

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