Shitpost thread

Your thoughts on Hawaiian pizza?

What are your thoughts? I have many strong opinions on this topic and would like to start a discussion.

hey fellas
this thread is a 100% serious

i.e nobody can edit it

Steve was not here 3:

I require the lasagna John

some mad lad made a filipino song by this title

@pest It’s a Lovecratian tier abomination

It’s not awful but it’s also not something I’d ever eat if anything else was available.

It’s a sin. And it’s not originally from Hawaii. So it’s just one big fraud.

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go ahead cancel me
Hawaiian pizza is fine

/ban pest “Sinner”

Yeah neither are French Fries. Welcome to the real world, bucko.


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Why would French fries be from Hawaii???

Belgian fries gang

Chips gang mate
Oi there’s nothing better than some chippies with some vinegar on them

Bitch tf

Nah get some plain original salted chips
You know like tositos or some shit

iirc they’re called french fries because of how they’re cut
idk I’m not french

Fun fact
Even the French didn’t cut it that way. They’re called French fries because the French were the first to fry potatoes. But they were slices potato. The first actual fries came from Belgium. They made the first fries with the shape we know + they double fried it so it’s more crispy.

Who the hell puts vinegar on fries???

What did you call Crash?

Canadians iirc

Oh while at it, today’s my 21st birthday. Today I’ll be trying various whiskeys and bourbons.

because they are french