Should we need anti air?

I know we need more survival in 4.0 but we didnt have anti air. theres alot of Air vehicles like heli planes jets but we didnt have the chance to defeat them. I think this could balance Air raids.This could be a cool additon to the game but it ahould have downsides Leave your downsides sujjestions on the comments.btw i really hate jets.And i know i know that you guys are gonna go crazy in the comments more survival less pow pow.Btw do we have anti air stuff?? Omg pls if your gonna say some RPG’s or lancer or HMG no it cant even barely reach it.And if your gonna say maybe dragonfang or other high caliber stuff i know u could use it.But itz not gonna stop a jet charging towards your base spitting lots of explosive ammo butt its gonna stop a heli near your base but you cant stop some paratroppers jumping of the heli from a high altitude right??And them pls dont say oh no what about raiding sky bases XD have fun building plates.

We need like an anti air tank or an anti air sentry to stop those raids.

(btw im on my phone right now so pls understand the typos i made)

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Do you want to be able to grind an armored vehicles or infantries with a Flakpanzer?

See also: War thunder

How often have you been raided by air for this to be an issue? 99% of raids are from the ground with explosives or LMGs. If you want to fight an air raid just shoot the driver, windshields don’t exist in 3.0 and I don’t expect bulletproof ones to come default in 4.0

XD you dont know what server i play on

If you’re getting raided that often by air vehicles I’m gonna assume creative to which I respond “ew, creative”


Nah it isnt.Btw how did you guys read so quickly??

What do you play on then?

The spawn rates are too high idk what its priginally called like it decreases the rarity of stuff

Oooh, it’s not worth to make topics similar to this… Somebody going to explode!

How so? The

XD i think im the first one made this kind of topic

No, you don’t. And the other ones wasn’t appreciated :slight_smile:


Btw kylie is coming to rekt this topic i just saw her disapprove the anti air stuff on my Maybeeee drones topic plsss kylie noooo

If Nelson really wants to make this game suffer as a realistic PVE game anti air is not needed, but if he makes it a PVP game limited anti air night work well

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Well thats cool

Dedicated anti-air weapons would also be used as anti-personnel anti-armor, and anti-materiel weapons. I wouldn’t mind weapons that have characteristics that are useful against planes and helicopters, but they would need to be balanced in every other role.

Yeeeeaaaah… no

Air raids aren’t much of a problem to begin with, however, if the server you play on has this problem, then it’s the host’s problem, not the game itself. This is why i only play Vanilla. Airplanes themselves are rare enough, let alone jets and helicopters. Plus, raiding is broken in 3.x so there’s nothing you can really do to defend your base. And that’s 3.x we’re talking here

4.x won’t be having AC-130’s flying everywhere to an extent that it’s an actual concern that forces us to use AA guns. So AA guns won’t be a good addition. We want more thinky, do-y. Not shooty, killy.


It happened xd

Me: I lost my base
Friend: WHAT?! How?!?!?!
Me: An AC-130 came in and bombed it
Friend: Oh ok



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