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Changing the Skill Sets

In my personal opinion I believe that the skill sets need to change in order to accommodate for how Unturned is being played by the majority.

I myself do not have any ideas of how to go about this, but perhaps there are some intellectuals and deep thinkers that can help me expand on this.

Please keep the replies constructive and productive.
Lets make 4.0 great everyone!

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not on my forum

no but seriously i wouldn’t mind eft/skyrim style skills (basically you can only level up your skills by…practicing them. WoW WhAT A FOReIGn CoNCEpT)


That sounds so practical it just might work

I agree
Going prone and passing by xombies will help with sneaky beaky
Running from 100% to 0% will improve speed and having stamina and oxygen regenerate will help with cardio.
Power melee attacks will help with more melee damage. And so on


how2improve skills


  • Overkill - Killing targets with melee (Bonus for power attacks)
  • Sharpshooter - Killing targets with a ranged weapon (Bonus for headshots)
  • Dexterity - Reloading magazines after firing (Bonus for reloading after empty clip)
  • Exercise - Distance travelled by walking/running (Slight bonus for running)
  • Diving - Distance travelled by swimming
  • Parkour - Jumping


  • Sneakybeaky - Distance travelled by sneaking crouch/prone
  • Vitality - Regenerating HP from full food/water
  • Immunity - Losing/gaining immunity (Except from losses from ~50% immunity), getting hallucinations
  • Toughness - taking hits
  • Strength - Amount of times bleeding/breaking bones
  • Warmblooded - Duration of being cold/burning from campfire
  • Survival - Losing/gaining food/water


  • Healing - Consuming medical items (Except when full HP)
  • Crafting - Crafting certain items (Bonus for crafting items with crafting lvl requirement)
  • Outdoors - Damage dealt to trees
  • Cooking - Crafting food
  • Fishing - Catching fish
  • Agriculture - Crafting seeds, planting crops, harvesting crops
  • Mechanic - Repairing vehicles (Except on full vehicle HP)
  • Engineer - Crafting certain items (Bonus for crafting items with engineer lvl requirement)

How it works

All these activities give you experience for its respective skill (e.g. Headshot kill a zombie with a Colt to gain 2 Sharpshooter EXP, craft a bandage to gain 1 Crafting EXP) . Some activities like for Exercise and Vitality have a requirement before you gain experience (e.g. Run 100m to gain 1 Exercise EXP, regenerate 10 HP to gain 1 Vitality EXP). You need to gain a certain amount of EXP to level up a skill

Reserve EXP

Gaining experience 10 times will give you 1 reserve EXP. This will allow you to fill any skill you like, where applying it will add 1 EXP to that skill (You can change it to give +5 or +10).

More simplified skill list

The current interface is clunky and takes a lot of screen space. Maybe fit all skills together separated by their category, and you can only view the description and level effects by having your mouse over the progression bar (aka Tooltip), meaning that only the name, skillset icon and skill progression bar can be seen.


Great job on expanding @Whistleblower’s suggestion Yarrrr.
Stabbing zombies in the head and spontaneously learning crafting isn’t as rewarding as actually practicing the skill and earning it.

What do you suggest happens with the skillsets? Will you still retain and learn the appropriate skills more?

My main concern is the EXP loss on death, do you think it will prove too harsh for this system?

I believe dying should halv your highest costing skill.
But I do agree with @Yarrrr
This is will add a bunch of difficulty to the game, which will give this game the charm it needs.

Because we all know that Unturned is too easy for anyone. Grinding EXP on trees or xombies. But practicing the actual skill is what should upgrade that specific skill

Make sure Nelson sees this.
Extra EXP gained (reserve) will stay upon death to help get back on our feet for the skills lost

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Calling in the big boi

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