I dont know if anyone has posted something about this topic already but:
I think it would be great to see “sleepers” in Unturned II like they exist in Rust.

Whenever someone disconnects his character ingame would fall asleep at the position the user logged off.
This would “force” players to build themselves a base and play on one server instead of switching to different ones all the time and would give the game more of a “survival feeling” instead of a “pvp feeling”. It would completly remove combat logging and “I take everything with me so in case I get raided while im offline I dont lose my important stuff.” Raiding and base building needs to be more balanced for it to work though. (It better be)

The only con is that servers would comsume more CPU and/or RAM usage with sleepers than without


To be honest this suggestion could work pretty well in Unturned, considering the fact that base building and raiding should be far more balanced (rip your content).

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Not sure, maybe the sleeping player would stay for a while before disappearing completely (Somewhere between 1 minute and 30 minutes, your choice). That way it’s a better a better indication that you’re leaving for a better reason than camping it out during combat, as there would be plenty of time for enemy players to kill him if it happened in a combat situation.

Just to fill in a gap between those who like it and dislike it


“(rip your content)”

The current problem for me isnt to raid a base, its to find a base. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wood and metal should be stackable and building should be easier. Maybe a building plan (like in Rust)
Its a pain to equip every single part of your base and place it. Just gets annoying after a while.

As you can tell, I like Rust’s mechanics

The only problem I see with stacking is that if we were to add a weight system how would we realistically be able to stack wooden logs?
I do believe that a faster way to craft buildables is the way to go however in terms of base building, especially since the crafting system in Unturned 3.0 is clunky to say the least.

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We have suggested about this already, and people seems to be somewhat “not in favor” with it.

Although, personally. I think it’s fine-ish.

I’d say the bad reception may of been due to how the OP worded his post. I think @Yarrrr’s proposed system would work well though.

Oh crap, I didnt see that.

:thinking: didn’t I patent that idea?

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I actually thought about including that in my original post, but I could not form a grammatically correct sentence for 10 minutes, so I dropped that.

England is not my city

Just for the fact that it removes combat loggers and people who stack items in their offline character, this idea should be considered very seriously.

There should 100% be a sleeper for a couple of minutes to deter logging but I think it would be punishing for casuals, as you would pretty much require a base or you lose all of your progress.

Maybe you could dictate the amount of time your sleeper stays based on how many items you have on him, to also prevent using “mules” to hide loot.

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if its option for server

Why just quote one letter?

I’m not sorry.

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Me neither.

But does that mean that whoever joined in does not go out? Like and the other players unless the sleepers do not take the places

I think this is one of those things that would be best as a configurable option, but the way you suggested it should be the default one.

Options being no sleepers, temporary sleepers, and all sleepers

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Make them appear in their bedrolls if they have one… maybe?

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It bugged out ;p