When you disconect

A simple suggestion open to discut.
My suggestion

  • When you disconnect your body sleep like the game rust.

Why this?

to the players dont disconnect with the best itens.
to players dont fugue in a combat just disconnecting.

  • In favor
  • Not in favor

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I’d appreciate not turning Unturned into a full time job like Rust, where you have to constantly babysit everything.


even though I’m an atheist …

the voice of the people is the voice of God is not is same…
I just hate players discconecting with your C4s…

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how is that even related at all
edit, someone disconnecting with your c4 is not a valid reason to go and make it so players basically cant ever be safe.


wouldn’t this just encourage players to hunt each other down and kill people in their sleep


I’d rather add actual sleeping than letting your character be easy prey in multiplayer


How about this, after you disconnect, your character doesn’t immediately disappear, so there would be more discouragement from exiting in dangerous areas, without players having to wait through exorbitantly long exit timers, or worry about starving to death during the many hours they aren’t playing the game.


And that’s also a good way to discourage PVP logging!

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this might actually work quite well, it would also make it so that people can’t run and grab their most valuable stuff and log during a raid.


To solve the “Insecure” is just disconnect in your base!
but a thing dont deny.

That you have picked up the best itens in your base and disconnect when view who would lose in a raid. (is this that i hate!)

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but still, its still kinda dumb, would you want to have found something awesome, then you lose connection to the server, re-log and someone has killed you?
Plus you would need to constantly join the game again and again to make sure you don’t starve to death, or that you haven’t been killed. Its an idea that doesn’t fit in unturned. Some people cant play constantly, so sorry, but I severely disagree with this idea

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After reading I feel like the best solution on mutual grounds would be:

When a player disconnects, their body sleeps on the ground where they left off for 10(?) minutes, after that it vanishes. Other players may kill the player in his sleep and loot him. If a player who left off while sleeping comes back only to find out he died, there will be a message prompt telling him who killed him and how they killed him.

Eg- “You were shot in the head while sleeping!”
“You were run over by a car while sleeping!”


Tl;DR: time period


Just no, that would mean the player would never be safe. Just imagine he has to disconnect because of real life reason? If he is in a city, he would get killed extremely fast.

I agree with @Mr.Rawr 's post
Would stop people from combat logging as well as. 10 minutes also sounds reasonable in a survival game with (hopefully) large maps. Letting players head to safety before logging off and not having to worry about being killed in your sleep because one night you didn’t play because a sibling died so not only do you have to mour the Loss of a loved one, but also the loss of the items you spent a lot of time gathering

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And if the guy is unnarmed and attacked by armed peoples because he got maybe a good quality backpack, that would be same, in both cases, he would lose everything, i just dont want that in unturned.

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