Sloppy Concept for 4.x Ammo Count

I’d say players should be able to enable/disable ammo counters, crosshairs, and such, but servers should be able to force players to have them disabled.

Now that you’ve explained the incentive, I am now in support of no ammo counters.

However IMO this should be a server option.

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Gonna go off on a small tangent real quick. It should be an all or nothing change, not a server option. By making it one, Nelson doesn’t have to worry as much whether it’s good or not since you can disable it. One of my main gripes with 3.0 is that there are too many options. You can change perspectives, difficulty, spawn rates (the most problematic option), pvp/pve, maps, etc. This has the side effect of fragmenting the community with each new option available.

I’d instead use difficulties for changes where you want a server option. On easy mode you’d see the ammo makers (and Nelson’s fancy shotgun shells), and then on Normal+ you’d be flying blind. The same type of players that would enable ammo counters would likely also prefer easy mode. And this prevents as much community fragmentation with 4.x.

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Well explained.

Also, Squad, the milsim only shows you how much mags for a certain weapon you have left.

random reading from higher in the post is-

Maybe there could be preset configurations that official servers use, and other servers could use or be modified from, but server owners should definitely be given freedom to set up their servers how they want. If it’s not supported in the vanilla version, that doesn’t mean people won’t do it, just that they’ll need to use mods or custom maps.


The payday 2 system is awful and it makes me cry.

I think for certain weapons like shotguns we should get a visual counter that lets us see what shell type we are using.

Otherwise, a normal counter should be there (it could have the visual counter alongside it if wanted, I guess).

I’m not really worried on this, as I doubt there’s any real way to screw this counter up. Even the default 3.0 counter was fine.

Even then, I’d still prefer a small amount of customization in vanilla with most changes like these just being different across difficulties. Then after that, provide plug-in support allowing for all of these options to be tweaked and fiddled with. That way you can easily discern which servers are using odd changes.

Anyways, I’m getting a bit off topic.

you shouldn’t have to completely unload the magazine just to check it. a simple mag check…i’ll just say feature (a la Rising Storm 2 [it’s good at guns, okay?]) would be much less cumbersome

Perhaps when you’re viewing your gun in the attatchment menu (when holding T) each magazine would show up like before, but your current mag would say “Inspect”. Upon being pressed it would do a quick animation (a mag check as you put it) where you unload it, examine it, and reload it fairly quickly.

Then it would show how much ammo you have where your ammo indicator on the bottom right (or left) usually is. But as soon as you fire/dequip your gun, that number disappears until you inspect it again. Then on easy mode (assuming it just shows normal ammo indicators) the inspect option wouldn’t be shown there, with it instead showing how much ammo you have just like it currently is in 3.0.

I think there should only be the “fancy ammo counters” it looks cool, and is a lot more attractive than the ammo numbers.

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i guess that’d work.

How about this?

  • Inspecting attachments would work like in 3.X, but if you’re playing with a limited HUD, it wouldn’t list how much ammunition is in your current magazine (certain magazines might give you an approximation of how much ammunition you have just by looking at them though)
  • An additional key could be used to inspect your current magazine, and held to top it off (using loose cartridges or a speed loader)

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