Sloppy Concept for 4.x Ammo Count


Essentially, the top 2 numbers are your current ammo left in clip/clip size and the bottom number is how much ammo is in your inventory.


That seems great but I think its going to be a graphic count which he teased on twitter.
Link if you were wondering:

No, that doesn’t mean it will be a graphics count.

CS:GO and many other shooters have this kind of thing, but that’s just visuals. Right next to it are the numbers you’re used to.


When firing those bullets drop out the side exactly like in the animation, and due to how well known CS:GO is, there’s a strong chance Nelson took inspiration from it.


Hm I think it would mean that the shotgun UI isn’t 100% what the ammo count would exactly be like. There might be a ammo counter next to it while the bullets are just visuals.


Exactly, that’s what I’ve been trying to say

i don’t think there should be a count for how much ammo is in your inventory, mainly because unturned counts ammo with magazines and not individual rounds (like CoD or Battlefield). and with that you might be thinking “well then why not have a visual for magazines like Insurgency or Rising Storm 2?” well the problem with THAT is that in those games you only ever have one kind of magazine per weapon. in unturned you can have, like, 2 or 3, and with 4.0 you’ll also be having mixed ammo loads with each magazine.

in short it’s too confusing to justify.



The farthest we could go with ammo counters is the existing magazine-specific indication.


Maybe there could be an indicator of what type of magazine would be used next, but showing all your ammo would be kind of impractical.

THIS should be a good idea.20180419_105443
Image from the America’s Army: Proving Grounds, My favorite game.

If you pull down a Mag, the count will be five but if you insert it again, it would be 4.

you didn’t even read my comment, did you?

I did.

I read your freaking comments :joy:

Well, if you did read his comment, you’d know that the system most shooters (including Proving Grounds) use is simply not an option for Unturned.

If you have multiple different kinds of magazines, this system will not work effectively for the reasons stated above. So unfortunately no, it is not a good idea.

That’s why he thinks you didn’t read his comments, and after seeing that blatant contradiction from what he just said, I honestly can’t blame him.


Uh huh.
Anyway. Honestly I don’t want an ammo count, because it’s unrealistic and I think it’s too arcady for it.

Let’s remove it.


Literally every game I know that has a gun in it, with the exception of EFT, has an ammo counter. How is that arcadey? That’s literally just QoL at this point

What the hell are you saying? What is QoL?

a lot of games leaning on realism hide the ammo counter - insurgency and rising storm 2 are prime examples, along with EFT.

as long as we can check the mag i don’t think removing the ammo count would be too bad.

also @Awbee QoL is Quality of Life, and typically refers to changes or improvements that serve only to refine mechanics iirc


How about dat Payday 2 “current ammo/total ammo” doe?
30 / 180
shoots 15 bullets
15 / 165
30 / 165

I’m just putting this to see who agrees with me
I like 3.x’s ammo system where it’s…

… but hey, a suggestion won’t hurt anyone

How about dat Payday 2 “current ammo/total ammo” doe?

payday 2’s ammo counter is a hive of scum and villainy


Which is why i downloaded a mod to change that xD

I’d honestly prefer no ammo indicator for your weapons. This would encourage constant awareness of how much ammo you have in your magazine/clip and also discourage immediately jumping into pvp engagements. You’d have to be certain that your magazine is filled enough to kill the other player, potentially requiring you to unload and inspect the mag from within your inventory if you’re uncertain.