Reloading and firemodes

By the way, the default rounds are, in fact, tracers.

In Unturned yes.
Irl, no

The number keys were already reserved for quickslots/hotkeys In previous versions

And probably will make a return for emergencies such as low health or low immunity

I for one have never used all the hotkeys for medical items

I know a person who does. Because when he panics, no matter what number he presses, it’s a dressing

In unturned, they simply increase hipfire accuracy

I have thought of two, not necessarily separate solutions. The first, which I have shared between your complaint and this response, would be to allow players to hotkey ammunition. The second would be something like two reload keys. The first key could be pressed to take the magazine out, dropping it on the ground like in 2.X, then placing a new magazine. The first key could be held to take the magazine out, and place it into the player’s inventory like in 3.X, then placing a new magazine.
The second key could be pressed to place a cartridge, or shell into the magazine (for some weapons this might require removing the magazine, and moving the weapon.) The second key couldbe held to use a loading tool. On single action revolvers, percussion lock weapons, flint lock weapons, and matchlock weapons, the second key could be used to cock the hammer, (which rotates the cylinder in single-action revolvers, allowing them to be fanned,) prime the flash pan, and/or place the percussion cap, as required by the particular system.

did you miss that part? but i agree with the second part

Maybe for shotguns need press the reload buttor for pump the shotgun and for reload press and hold the reload button if you want to reload 2 or 3 bullets ( i don’t remember how say the bullets of the shotgun and i know the shotgun no use bullets my english is bad) and stop holding the reload button

He means that how long you reload can depend what mag you put in/how fast you reload also belts as in the belts of bullets as in the ones mounted guns use, where its basically loads of bullets connected together.


also @anon24515308 that’s still unnecessarily complicated and would be a complete hassle to deal with. this time i point you to receiver as an example (though to be fair it can be pretty fun because the game is designed entirely around the overly complicated controls)

and @DamercerTerker lmao yeah i did

Shotgun shell?

Nice grammar there.

  1. that’s not an answer

  2. the to/too pair can get fucked

Don’t forget there’s two and 2 too.
Those 2 sets of 2 2 homonyms can all be screwed

I think you’ve got a decent idea here, although that might be a bit of a nightmare as far as netcode goes. You’d need the server to be pretty close in sync with the client to get an accurate timing for, say, a bolt being released or whatever.

well 2 and two mean the same thing, two is just the spelt version and 2 is the symbol, so that makes sense

I was going to make a post about some ideas that were discussed recently. (See Sloppy Concept for 4.x Ammo Count and Twitter News - Shotgun Shells UI )
But then I realized they were more or less just improvements on what I (poorly) stated here, so I edited this post.

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