Twitter News - Shotgun Shells UI


View on Twitter for higher-quality .mp4 version rather than a .gif.

Any human who sees this Lounge thread has my full permission to make this the first thread moved out of Lounge into a different category (probably #unturned-4 and not 3).


god amongst’d’ve men

The holy permission has been applied !


Reminds me of CS:GO. In a good way.

Nice work, Mr. Sexton!

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I’m the only one who thinks that are a little bit to cartoony??but still having that UI will be awesome,what about others gun UI?

how is it too cartoony?

Probably normal numbers and not bullets in lines, but :man_shrugging:.

I assume this was done to make reloading individual shells (or firing two barrels) better integrated and more user-friendly, rather than just an aesthetic change.

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It seems to me that it looks like it’s made of cardboard but in a good way

i don’t see what you’re talking about at all

The style you’re describing is a minimalistic style.

Similar to RimWorld’s artstyle, actually

i just noticed that not all the shells are the same size (it seems) - probably just an accident

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Does this hint at a shotgun also being in the first release?

Oooh that’s ain’t pump-action shotgun…

Looks oddly satisfying


Totally f*cking loved this. Just gave me bunch of ideas >:D

It looks kind of ugly IMO, but I’m glad the functionality is there.

Very niceeeee

I think I know why he chose to do it this way, it’s so that we can mix different types of shotgun shells together. Or maybe he really really likes CS:GO and wanted to copy it.


Yeah, pretty much.

It’s a neat hybrid of CS:GO, EFT, and a dash of simplistic minimalism.


I’d also think he’ll do the same for other magazines (can’t wait for drum mags :joy:) so you could mix in half tracer and half normal rounds or something, and have a visual representation of what round will fire.

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