Small Concepts to Help with 3.0's Longevity

We all love Unturned, and it would be sad to see it completely die off one of these years due to mundane gameplay and consistent peeves, so why not find a way to make it always seem more lively and convenient? I have a few suggestions that can help with that.

Holiday Themes

This is already in game; but it can be improved to add more holidays (I.E Easter, Valentines, St Patrick’s Day, etc…) across more maps.

Fixing the Steam Inventory

Currently searching through your cosmetics inventory is laborious if you’re trying to scrap stuff. Everything is under general tags with no option for sorting whatsoever and when you search something, it searches by name and not the actual tags. I say just specify the tags more (I.E Common Shirt, Uncommon Pants) with options to sort the entire inventory by Rarity, Usage, Slots, etc.

Map Rotations

Have retired maps come back every once in a while. This could be an incentive for newer players to try them out and play the game more. And to those who don’t want the downloads, they would have an easy option to disable the feature.


For the completionists out there who like Unturned, it may bother you that the newest fully curated map(s) haven’t gotten any “Welcome To-” achievements, and probably never will (side note, why is that?) Adding more achievements could make things a bit more appealing to people, as they would mean more things to do and work for.


Replace sliders where applicable with the respective setting’s values for less finicky options.

What are some other minor things you could suggest that would help majorly?


And in the immortal words of Danaby2,

“it’s long so it has to be good”.


throwback time to my first post, All I ask is if we get more achievements is that some have cosmetics tied to them. We wont have cosmetics in 4 (atleast not in the same way we do in 3) so this will be our last chance.


Egg scavenging perhaps? :thinking:

What about maps that don’t use the masterbundle? (I.E. let’s say ireland won’t update) Nelson wouldn’t be able to bring those back, right?

personally, “Welcome to X” aren’t fully needed, but I’m all in for more fun challenges (I can’t think of any examples rn)

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I actually made a post on how the 4.0 economy items should be handled.

But on the subject of achievement cosmetics for three, it would be interesting to have more of the novel ones around like the graduation cap and such.

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MasterBundles aren’t needed, the Unity 2017 update is.

Some editor based achievements could be cool, things like in Garry’s Mod where you need to get 100 subs on a mod for example. Those could incentivize creating maps that people want to play.


I see, thanks.

although at the same time, some people will just make something that goes “pls sub I want achivment!!”, which will just clog the workshop. Taken from self-experience when browsing dupes and finding an explosive prop with the title being “sub please, I want the achievement.”


“Yeah, no” - Nelson sexton from smartly dressed games who started his career with Roblox, creating two of the most-popular games on the Roblox site, Battlefield and Deadzone. Deadzone was a zombie-survival game similar to Unturned and is no longer available to play. Nelson was only sixteen years old at the time of Unturned’s first release. Before Unturned was on Steam, it was played on web-browsers and was listed as Unturned 1.0. This version of the game is also no longer available to play. Unturned was originally listed under Steam Greenlight as Unturned 2.0. It was successfully voted in by the Steam community on May 28, 2014. Unturned allows players to create custom maps, cosmetics and mods using an in-game editor, and allows them to publish these maps on the Steam Workshop. The game was officially released out of early access on July 7, 2017. According to gaming website Kotaku, Unturned was one of the most-popular games on Steam in mid-2014. Both Kotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun characterized the game’s popularity as unexpected since the game is mainly developed by a single person without a major studio’s resources. PC Gamer said that while Unturned had few real ideas on its own, it was a “simple, accessible survival-simulator” that players may enjoy provided they could “stomach the low production values”. Nelson sexton has recently begun development on the next game in the series Unturned II whilst he ignores community map creator danaby2’s pleas for a search bar in the resource tab.


alright what the fuck how long have you been on that treadmill


long enough dan… long enough

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“i didnt read this post but its really long so it must be good”

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at that point they might as well masterbundle.
Not to mention that the team is all split up, i’m not sure some of those team members even mod for Unturned anymore.