Specialized "Economy"

Before anyone mentions the fact that 4.0 has no planned Steam Economy for items and skins, I know this. This isn’t about that.

There are still some of us that might like to have simple cosmetics that aren’t too outlandish, no neon, no glowing, just simple cosmetics that have no chance of altering gameplay.
These cosmetics would work like the ones in Rocket League, playtime drops with no set market value.

I’m personally one of those people. Simple cosmetics in 3.0 like the feather hoodie are pretty appealing to me, so seeing something like it in 4.0 could be pretty cool.

Now as for weapon skins- I wouldn’t want to see these come back. Ever since the concept of weapon skins came out for Unturned, the first few were charming, then it just got bad. Especially with the workshop skins. So that’s gonna be a no for me on weapon skins.

Here’s a poll; curious to see what the community thinks of this.

  • Simple cosmetics for 4.0 could be a welcomed addition.
  • I don’t want to see cosmetics in 4.0.

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Nelson already said that there wasn’t going to be cosmetics nor microtransactions of any kind.

Simple cosmetics could be good but as a mod or workshop thing, not in the vanilla game.

I literally said at the beginning of the post that I know of that, in the sense of an economy, No, 4.0 won’t have one and I hope it doesn’t.
In terms of in game drops that have no set market value however, that could be welcomed by some.


I straight up think there should be no cosmetics in 4.x because it ruined the immersion. Spawning into a world with clothes, hats, etc. If Nelson’s going to make it a realistic zombie game he should really stay away from them.

Unturned is far from realistic, I think what makes say…2.0 so appealing is the fact that its a silly game with a really dreary atmosphere.
And regarding certain cosmetics, If theoretically they did get added in; I wouldn’t want to see items such as hats, maybe just sticking to shirts and pants, maybe a low profile vest if that’s supported. Hats could be a beacon if made incorrectly and that’s unfair.

Having played and thoroughly enjoyed Rocket League, I can 100% understand this system.

AnimaticFreak isn’t asking for the ridiculous cosmetics of 3.0, just simple cosmetics like some hats and stuff; zero immersion being broken. Nothing fancy or weird or futuristic-glowy-neon. Some in-game economy reminiscent of Rocket League, Brain/Out, and many other enjoyable games I have played over the years, featuring a self contained cosmetic inventory of sorts to spice yourself up without looking outlandish.

For the people who voted against him, at least understand he’s not asking for a Steam market economy with some random fantasy skins and other weird BS.

If necessary I can use imagery to convey what I’m saying.

The regular camos and single color skins are good imo.

I can’t f*cking decide either if this good or nah…

Maybe It would be cool if it doesn’t get off-hands like it happened in 3.x.

You play Brain/Out too? Noice

Personally I whould like some clothing “Skins”.

Like you always spawn naked, but say you get a beanie, or a military vest on, that specific military vest or beanie, and on that part (individual clothing item) only, whould you see some additional designs. Like you have a hoddie on, now it has the iconic zombie face in the centermass, but only that hoodie. That zombie face won’t be on your parka too. If the parka is on there is no cosmetic.

Or that hat, you have a hat skin, but unless that skin applies to a helmet (which will still look vary much like a helmet) you can’t sit there and hide that, yes, it looks like I have nothing on but I really have a bulletproof helmet on.

Anyone with me?


Played since Steam release. Level 68, former top 20 worldwide AWP main.

It’s pretty fun.

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hypertech dumptruck for 4.0


TBH people have been making custom mesh skins lately, those are basically the only ones I like, and the ones that aren’t just basically a plain color with a few lines added.

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Player cosmetics don’t really fit the game that well. Gun skins that aren’t too over the top could be nice, but they no longer serve the purpose of permanent progression in the game.

What about reskins? Cosmetic textures for clothing and objects. I think Rust did this sort of thing.

e.g. Crimson Beret skin that textures the Military Beret


Cosmetics are cool, i love cosmetics, even the gun skins, i think it would be cool to add them to 4.0, neat to add them to 4.0, really cool to add them to 4.0, it would make me happy if he added them to 4.0, basically what I’m saying is… I WANT COSMETIIIIICS!!!

And what if you could make your OWN cosmetics? But you would only get a few colors to work with and you would have to pay like 5 dollars to be able to do it? (That way you can’t recreate the skins that are already there) and just personally use those custom skins? OR if everyone else thinks this is a stupid thing to add because no one ever agrees with me, how about you can only make skins for CARS? Or Nelson could just ADD cars skins… NELSOOON!

I was basically saying that too.

I think that whould be great.