Sneak peak

Not sure if everyone knew.
Btw this is the screenshot from @Owl


Okay so what does this mean? Explain to me I m tired and I do not understand XD


(from my understanding) Nelson asked valve for permission to release a “key generator” of sorts so he can make the sign up or whatever in unturned 3.x

Valve approved of it and now Nelson is working on 4 to make it more polished before he can start rolling out the game to more people

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I’m very excited!
and I already looked at the Trello so I already knew it. :sunglasses:
(am I cool now? ;-; )

what dose hi mean phase interested players?

Ow my god is very nice

I thought people would be more excited about an approximate date until the next devlog.

@skydragonfire05 es,you are cool

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Bit of a late response, no?


same :smiley:

Now that is just amazing!
I am extremly excited for all this!

That sounds cool. Can’t wait to try out the game!


Some form of public beta is likely coming very soon, possibly this month.

hype thread

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