So, how much are you willing to pay for Unturned 4.x? (poll)

  • Free
  • Free To Play
  • <5$
  • 5$<10$
  • 10$<15$
  • 15$<20$

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I couldn’t find a pool on this subject so meh…

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There should be a $1, $5, $10
Rather than using “bigger/smaller”


I’d gladly go $20+ considering it’d benefit Nelson more and (billions of shitty reasons I listed off about Community Quality > Quantity)


What’s the difference between “Free” and “Free to Play?” Does “Free” mean no DLCs nor Steam Economy?


It depends on how much polishing and features are implemented in Unturned 4.x at launch.

4.x sounds like a better Unturned and if there are enough things in-game I’d be willing to pay $15. Otherwise I’d wait for updates and/or a discount.

I’ll hold my vote for now.

I wouldn’t even think of it, I’d pay up to 20 bucks for unturned, just because of how much unturned 3 is worth :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d happily support Nelson with sum moneh c:

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There was suposed to pay VIP ou make a donation using patreon or whatever, much people would stop playing it if it become paid

You should be asking how much are new players willing to pay for Unturned. I’m sure most of us on the forum are willing to pay $10 -$15 on this game, but not newcomers. If Unturned were to cost even 5 dollars, I’m sure we would be losing a large player base. (Excuse da grammarz)

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Unturned 4.0 doesn’t have a playerbase to begin with. It hasn’t been released. And Unturned 4.0 is not like 3.0
So you shouldn’t compare the games in this situation.
$5 would be enough and more for people to pay. People who actually enjoy the game rather than go around admin abusing and trolling nonstop

I’d buy Unturned 4 for any price, but even if it did have one, I don’t see it being more than $15.

What I meant was the potential player base for Unturned 4.0. (because obviously the game has not been released) Unturned 4.0 and 3.0 are similar because 4.0 is the next version of the same game. So yes, I can compare the games in this situation. People who admin abuse either own a server of their own or are in contact with a server owner. People who go around admin abusing will continue if the game costs $5. In my original post, I was trying to say that adding the $5 price tag might discourage new players from picking up the game.

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Though the amount of admin abuse would decrease because Nelson said that 4.0 will have dedicated servers. And of course people will most likely join that server than other servers. So admin abuse won’t be as popular in Unturned 4.0


A game like Unturned 3.x with better mechanics in almost every department, new features, and better baseline features?

I’d pay at least 15$ for that shizzle m’ nizzle.

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I’d think $5 would be nice as that it’s similar to the gold upgrade though i’d still purchase it for higher

You guys know that $5 dollars would be like 20 bucks in some countries right?

Go tell that to the game studios that make 20-60 $ games

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Prices scale per currency when using Steam.


i’ll spend $5 when it comes out, but it would have to have some damn good features for $20

Im pretty sure if its just free, it technically is a bought game but you dont pay anything