So, how's your first experience with the internet? , a flash game website, I played Age of War. Oh those were some GOOD times. was my entire childhood
And Chaos Faction 2 was the highlight of it. I recommend you guys to check it out. It’s super fun.
I started when I was like 9 iirc

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I was like,7-8 when i first started using the internet,primarily for games.And then at 10,a friend suggested me youtube.I started watching some channels of my own language,and then about 3-4 months later,I expanded to watching english speaking channels.No major discoveries until then apart from this forum a year ago.

Ironically enough I’m actually still a staff member for that game lol

I invented the internet duh


First actual game i played was Minecraft. and then 2 years later my computer broke.

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Damn good game for a first experience.

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Is it bad that I’ve never played Club Penguin?

And probably my first real interne experience was with this Alpha and Omega fan site that probably cursed me

its alright fam. I didnt play it, I just played a rip off of it XD (except at the same time, not)

I am sure that I’m misunderstanding something. It sounds to me like you think you were cursed by a Christian website?

A rip-off off Club Penguin ?

ehhhh dont try to figure it out. there’s hundreds.

I’m trying to find the forums - they dont seem to exist anymore. Suffice it to say they weren’t good (the same goes for the movies it was made around)

Until you said it was a movie, I thought you meant this Alpha and Omega:

After some Googling, I think I understand that you meant this Alpha and Omega:

Thats a terrible movie series. It really is.

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bruh you do realize thats an automatic massage from the forum when someone deletes a comment, right?

i am aware and all I have to say in response is…


yeah well, the fact that you tried to make a joke out of it, is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. You’re included Kingfrog