So, how's your first experience with the internet?


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I’ve been with computers before I could even read, or do math.

Massive multiplayer games, like the original guild wars, yes half life (at like 5?), some constriction game, stronghold, and many other things.

But the only thing that will in great you, is when I went on early youtube…

To guess… Learn about the world. I’ve been obsessed with video games, never needing to watch movies or most shows. And now I’m a grown toddler wanting to explore the world.

Uhh… YouTube’s 16+ lock my parents put on my account failed completely… I remember them adding it, and seeing a single blocked video several months later, after scaring myself…

What you think the most graphic, traumatizing, eye opening conspiracies theories whould do to a young child?

I believe at the time, the world was about to melt, and I lost much sleep over… Watching them…

Oddly enough, now seeing terrable things via online hardly affects me, terrable news, and even seeing a few of there mentioned events come true over the next years, gave me some good thick mental skin.

A major hurricane hit near my area (last month), and I found myself driving around in a deserted city merrly shopping with no other annoying pedestrians and hardly any cars, knowing when to evacuate or rather not giveing in to fearmongering to be safe.


My paranoid technology-non-savvy parents thought watching YouTube videos would cause your PC to get hacked.

As a result I was basically banned from using YouTube until like 6th grade.



I went through a ton of my childhood completely internet-less. Me and early friends would bring consoles to eachothers houses to play split-screen COD with one another. My first time ever on the internet was on my DS, when I would go to the corner of my block - someone had an open internet source I could use. Didn’t do much interesting with it besides look at all the Flipnote Hatena submissions.

But after that my first real internet connection was on a crappy computer wtih two cores and two GB’s of RAM. Me being early me just clicked on tons of roblox advertisements and tried to get minecraft for free, so I kinda ruined my computer when clicking on random shiz on websites like mediafire and installing everything.

edit: lmao im going through a nostalgia trip now that im browsing the internet watching old flipnotes ;w;