Some ideas for DZ

This is a post based on this: Deadzone Suggestion
I have some ideas for deadzones:
-you can find epic tier military and ranger gear
-the deadzones are divided in areas, each area is more difficult and needs a different filter type
-you can find large horde of zombies and active turrets in DZ
-killing players in DZ will make you loose a lot of karma, also you will not loose karma of you kill a player that has attacked another player recently in a DZ
-the items dropped in the DZ have a 10 to 50% chance to be broken or infectous

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Why would killing players in a deadzone cause you to lose a lot of karma?
And karma? Since when was this Fallout: Unturned?

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Personally I preferred New Vegas but to each their own

Karma is already implemented in the game

Karma isn’t in any Devlog, and we haven’t even seen a beta release yet. Reputation is a similar system in 3.X, but it’s unimportant, unpolished, and not called karma.
I can’t find anything about karma on the github either.

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The whole point of deadzones is already for finding higher-tier equipment.

I’d find extremely annoying to have to change filters every few kilometres while going through a deadzone, especially by car. “Well it’s been half a minute, time to go through my inventory while driving so my cells don’t burn to death!”

I simply do not see any reasoning backing this suggestion.

That makes sense, but each item already has its own durability chance (if that’s not how it’s called forgive me), and the “infected items” you mention I recommend elaborating on a separate topic.

Sorry, what i meant is that you can’t go in a zone without a filter that has the adapted level because if you do you will istantly get your radiations level to 100

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