Someone is watching you

Will glitching issues like this one get fixed someday? I know it’s a matter of not standing on the frame nor wilding a weapon so that the end doesn’t get out.


Probably not. Clipping through walls wouldn’t be fixed unless Nelson had the character collide with every object, which I assume would be a lot of work and also might make it more uncomfortable to move close to walls or in small spaces. However, in Unturned 2 you can see some developments that would stop things like this happening, such as seen in a few of the devlogs.

I’ve linked the devlog and video on pace and stances to show off character positioning and how the player’s model interacts with the environment, along with the devlog and video for how guns interact when the player is against a wall.


Could it be an easy fix be if mesh intersect mesh. Delete part of mesh. Sounds laggy though.


You’re so smart Panda3d!
Also I don’t think it’ll be fixed :)))) <3 <3 :heart:

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