Special community named weapons

I have had a few good ideas recently, none of which were just stolen from dead matter or anything. But anyway, while I was adventuring in Minecraft I found a lot of treasure, I though wouldn’t it be cool to have some special enchanted named weapons as treasure for you to find.

My idea is that there would be “special” legendary weapons that are special versions of regular weapons in the game. For example I would say that my special weapon would be an avenger, it would be a rare find and it would be called the mercury avenger and have a red pattern on it and less recoil and more damage than a regular avenger.

These weapons would encourage exploration and adventure, people would seek to find there own gun and not just loot the same nearby locations for all the loot they need. Another idea is that they wouldn’t spawn at the same locations, each would have one location they would spawn regardless of their shared spawn tables, so collecting them would involve moving around.

Post your special weapon name and what gun it is in the comments, it’s not an original weapon, just a variant of the vanilla.
Poll I think:

  • I would like special guns for community members
  • I would like special guns but not named after members
  • I want community members names but not special guns
  • No special guns or names

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Assuming this is inspired from Dead Matter?

Yeet cannon


I highly doubt Nelson would create a special gun for every player who plays Unturned II. I also highly doubt there would be people interested in seeking out weapons with names of people they couldn’t care less about.


Names are fine with me. Not gamebreaking, just annoying to code. But “special weapons” is definitely out of the question. It adds an unfair advantage no matter how small. Like you said, an avenger with less recoil and more damage. Not a fan of that


I’d prefer unique guns that have a bonus and a penalty, plus a special prefix for them.

Examples (Just to give an idea of what I’m talking about))

  • Accelerated = +20% rate of fire, -15% durability
  • Civilian = +50% durability, no burst/auto (Automatics only)
  • Disciplined = -20% recoil, -15% rate of fire
  • Last Ditch = +10% damage, +10% rate of fire, cannot be repaired (Rare and below only, always spawns in perfect condition)
  • Marksman’s = +20% accuracy, -10% rate of fire
  • Optimized = +15% accuracy, -10% recoil, -10% rate of fire, -10% durability
  • Overclocked = +15% damage, +20% recoil
  • Rigged = Auto capability, -15% recoil, -10% accuracy, -15% durability
  • Weathered = +25% durability, -10% damage

There could be a special blueprint to restore it to its original state.

Pros about this would be to increase the variety of weapons in terms of subtypes (Being the unique states), giving people options of how they like their guns. The downside would make looting weapons infuriating when it comes to getting bad subtypes due to RNG (e.g. Getting a S tier automatic with civilian subtype)

Otherwise there’s no need for them since expanded modding already exists and would be pretty complicated when combined with the multiple parts (Meaning that these special guns are pretty much modified receivers). Although it might be interesting considering that pre-modified weapons can exist laying around.

But to answer the original suggestion, I don’t really like the idea of adding buffed guns named after certain users.


I’d rather have those guns be cosmetic, as in reskins of the gun, not actual skins.
Maybe give them a slightly altered sound effeft or something.

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btw I remember Nelson said something about streets named after community members


Streets are fair game I reckon

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My idea of “special guns” is basically anything on the more rare or unique side like the Shadowstalker or the Musket in 3.0. Not necessarily anything with a decent advantage, but something more so you can say you found it. The other way I’d view special weapons is having them with some slight modifications from what normally spawns or having an attachment or two equipped. I’m completely against the names though unless its for something smaller like streets and maybe small towns.


On the topic of unique guns would be cool if there were dungeon type areas that were difficult but not necessary for progression, with the rewards being fairly zany but not necessarily stronger items/clothing/modifications, although they could also be reserved for excursions if nelson is still planning on including them.

Well this sounds different and would be interesting if it would be done in some way that makes sence and so on…

But my legendsry gun wouldnt be a gun it would be a friking car :smiley:

“Street signs with changeable names in the editor! This will make road navigation more interesting, and I think it would be neat to name some roads after community members.”


No body came up with their own guns, :pensive:

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Personally I’d even like it but I do not think they should give any bonuses, maybe a special animation or something.

Mine would be “Survived Maplestrike” she would be black with blue accents.

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Hm just no


I think special weapons should be like the quest items in 3.0, like the scoped ace and muffled bluntforce. To me, that seems like the simplest and most balanced solution.


Eggfire, an Eaglefire with chicken firing sounds


No it fires eggs


What you’re describing sounds similar to the item variations already planned, but I feel it loses a lot of its potential if every buff is always paired with the same debuffs. If item variations are being used to just make a loot table a bit more random than wouldn’t that goal be better achieved by allowing the buffs and debuffs to be paired randomly? If item variations are being used to adapt items to fill different niches, than might some of those niches be better filled if buffs and debuffs could be added individually? (i.e. Eaglefires are the most common long arm in the U.S. both in civilian and military locations, and as such a common, basic item, could probably do with more debuffs and less buffs, conversely in Russia, only special forces and foreign aid would provide Eaglefires, so they could do with relatively more buffs and less debuffs.