Special Shotgun Skills

I think there should be a special skill tree for shotguns, seperate from the main gun skill tree.

These would include normal things- quicker reloading, moar power, better accuracy, but also other unique things- dual wielding sawn off shotguns, special upgrades you can’t do normally, and maybe special unique things like when you get 3 zombie kills in a row with a shotgun, there will be a random quicktime event gaining you a lot of XP- grabbing zombies’ heads and blowing their brains out, for example, or getting up behind one and blasting it through the chest and making a hole, kicking it down as you do so.

Obviously there would be similar things like this with melee weapons as well, as well as different and unique/beautiful things with every different weapon type, I just think with shotguns there should be more quick time events or cool looking moves to go with them, same with melee weapons. Normal guns (pistols, rifles, SMGs) would not have these special “moves” to go along with them.

Gun-related skills overall should only have effect on recoil control, reload speed and gunsmithing. Every other guns stats should only be alterated by attachments, ammo types and maintenance (also status effects, assuming being intoxicated or wounded will affect your accuracy).

Said the previous, stuff like this seems real weird for me. I’m really not sure what kind of idea is this, but I don’t see it being fitting for UII.

Just in the case there were a way to implement “special moves” in a realistic and not outlandish way, why not? Relying the top tier skills and actions to a single type of guns looks like unbalance from miles away.


Why does it need to be realistic? Everyone wants II to be some hyper-realistic boredom simulator, so why do we need to take precautions to try and make everything not outlandish, just for the sake of realism? I’d much prefer an outlandish but balanced game rather than a realistic but balanced one.

And I’m not saying that shotguns shouldn’t be flawed, I’m just saying that they should have more perks to go along with them. Nobody seems to use shotguns all that much in 3.x, it seems everyone would go with an assault rifle. I think shotguns would have a more apocalypse-style vibe, and make more sense in a survival themed game, and they’d have this skill tree to balance them. Obviously they should retain the flaws they have in 3.0 - inaccurate, slow, clunky. But other guns trump the ol’ shotty greatly in 3.0, so I think these ideas would make them a more viable option.

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Honestly shotguns are already very good in 3.0 (especially something like Vanguard) but everyone uses assault rifles because they are too good at everything and that’s just widely known.

Having skills to straight up boost shotgun damage or accuracy would be weird to say the least. I’m okay with specialised skills like faster shell loading or working the pump faster, that seems like a skill you could get over time.

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I appreciate how you’re trying to liven it up Stut, but have you ever considered that the animation playing could lock you into a situation where you couldn’t defend yourself if another player were shooting at you? Because if I saw another player blasting away at Turned with their shotgun, that’s exactly what I’d do: wait until they get three headshot kills and the grabbing head animation plays, then walk up behind them and bludgeon them to death with a chair leg.

they’d still be able to move around and shit, I don’t mean like a Mortal Kombat style cutscene

Nelson wants it to be a realistic hardcore survival game. I just enjoy the single idea a fuck ton, therefor every comment and suggestion I make go towards that.

That’s because shotguns sucks in 3.x and here’s the why:

  • Mediocre effective range
  • CQC barely seen and almost nonexistant in the game
  • Arguably rare ammo compared to all other guns
  • Blatant lack of variety

Having all that in mind, there are more reasonable ways to fix shotguns in the new game than this.

And it’s really concerning for me that at this point there’s still people who maje suggestions assuming that II will just be 3.x but with better graphics.

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op is stupid, but

ok buddy.

There should probably be subtrees for most weapon types, each one strengthening the strengths of the weapons. Shotguns IMO are the ultimate rushing/breaching weapon and the skill tree for them should portray that.

By power I assume you mean damage, and by accuracy I assume you mean tighter spread, and I disagree with both of those. No ranged skill should effect damage, because that would effect shots to kill and change gunfights drastically. I also dont really want skills that effect aim (recoil and accuracy) because that should depend on attachments and competence of the player. Also, QTEs bad ree.

I think subtrees for weapons should have a few paths, one for maintenance and repairing/modding the gun better, one for more passive buffs that would be kinda samey for each gun and then a more dynamic path, with shotguns being stuff like reloading/pumping faster the more enemies are within a certain range, reloading faster while sprinting, to encourage rushing with shotguns, while something like LMGs reducing recoil the more you shoot to encourage suppressing fire.

I would still argue that we need a solid middle-ground.Like maybe the realism will scale up with difficulty?So then we can please both ends of those who want a hardcore survival experience and those who want to brainlessly run around and shoot people in the head.

What the hell happened while I was gone?

IMO, skills that are specialized for specific weapons should be like being able to cycle bolt-, lever-, or pump-actions faster/more efficiently/more reliably and being able to reload faster using gate-loaders, stripper clips, en-bloc clips, detachable box magazines, or break-actions.

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