Specialized Skills

From what I have heard, skills in 4.x will be obtained by doing certain tasks, instead of just getting experience to level them up by killing Zombies. My idea is that we could have some Special skills that can be obtained by getting two different skills to a certain level. Let’s say you get Exercise and Sharpshooter both to level 5, at this level you would unlock the ability to hip-fire while running, though the number of guns that could use this ability could and should be controlled, I don’t want to see people running around with a Minigun hip-firing.
The thing about specialized skills is that they don’t have any other levels, once you unlock them, that’s that.

  • I like this idea! Maybe I have some ideas for skills.
  • I don’t like this idea. Maybe I will state why.
  • I like this idea, but I see some flaws in it. Maybe I will say why.

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I like this, Nelson already announced that Unturned II’s skill system is going to follow a path of exile formula with skill trees and all too so we’ll likely be seeing something similar to this.

Im gonna have to say no to sprinting and hipfiring though lol.


Yeah, I kinda just brought up the idea of sprinting and hip firing because it was one of the easiest to explain ideas in my head at the time of writing this.
I kinda just though Handguns, (some) Shotguns, and single handed weapons.

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Imagine how fun that would be, just running around with a shotgun. Oh man.

Tbh I think the only reason I thought Hey yeah, shotguns! is that there’s a skill in payday 2 that allows you to sprint-hipfire with shotguns.

I’d rather the skill system not be used to limit access to mechanics or features of the game. I’d prefer if the skill system were simply used to make players more effective and efficient at the tasks they specialize in.

No crosshairs by default. Players have to ADS or use a laser to fire accurately.

My main issue is that a " jack of all trades" system where you can train Everything to max is the reason why most 3.0 players are lone wolfing Kos obsessed maniacs.

Why make Friends when you can be the medic, the farmer, the crafter, the base builder, etc all by yourself?

Obviously there needs to be a balance in that teaming is preferred but lone wolfing is still enjoyable.


Prehaps with high overkill and sneaky, we can stealth kill humman sized zombies from behind.

Higher strength, harder the grenade throw (maybe we have a meter mechanic to determine how hard we throw, more strength = more bar unlocked)

With high farming and crafting, we can make antibiotics?


Dude your starting to sound like zero someone who isn’t used to english

I’m not sure if I like this or not. I definitely don’t want to see people being able to suddenly hip fire while running.

I do think you should be rewarded for specializing into something. If you’re a farmer, you’ll definitely do better in regards to farming-related things.

The system should punish you for trying to be a jack of all trades.


He said that PoEs skill system is neat, thats not an announcement. Also if you ever played PoE you would know that the entire skill tree is completely passive and doesnt have unlockable abilities, its completely statistical.

Pretty sure Miniguns wont be handheld in 4.x, hopefully. IMHO they should be fixed mounted weapons.

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The who hip running thing was just a easy way to explain my idea, I do no like it myself.

Yea, I’m noticeing that too, I think it’s mainly my limited time, with a touch of Haveing to fix every other word, because notice how when I type I have random caps? And you don’t dee it but the thing does “,” every few words and I really hate haveing to backtrack to fix every stupid issue, and then I’m lazy and don’t fix all of them.

Mainly I think, I’m typing simpler, and more compact.

You’re* English*

I doughnut care

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Voted no solely because it contradicts how my upcoming Skill System Overhaul is going to work.


Far cry 3 ripoff

thanks for the contribution