Stockpile cosmetics could've been better

Have you noticed that Nelson changed how he selects new stockpile submissions?

Before there was a competition on quality, uniqueness and popularity between submissions.
However, some time ago it changed for worse:

“Backpack Turtle” was added, a joke rather a normal item: being named wrong, looking like a default Blender sphere with no dedication on texturing and smoothing, having no other colours in it’s palette besides default green. Only positive feature about this cosmetic item is uniqueness - which can’t make an item good alone, by ignoring popularity and quality.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate natalie and their works, there are some decent submissions in their Workshop files. Why not adding them? Why did Nelson decide to accept this - a cosmetic that was not even hoped for?

this is not all, there are 3 pages of such items

And it continues.
Completely rejecting previously established concept of looking on quality, uniqueness and popularity of a submission all together, Nelson adds Lime Tracksuit.

An issue with this particular bundle is that it’s not unique, having a tracksuit which was already added in a Mercenary Bundle and in Arid Mystery Box and a fannypack, which was already implemented in an A6 Polaris Mystery Box; and not really popular - having only 1,848 visitors and 20 favorited’s.

Compare this score to Arctic Instigator’s numbers.


Even Joko himself said on the Unturned official Discord server that he was suprised that Nelson approved his bundle.


And again, I don’t really dislike the bundle. Lime Tracksuit is good for a first cosmetic bundle StolzerShiriko (a.k.a Joko) made, but as all other first attempts on making skins for this game, it shouldn’t be accepted into Stockpile, failing in competition to other submissions made by experienced users and forcing new skinmakers to develop more unique and appealing submissions, than, well, repeating tracksuit idea.
It’s not that bad though,

as I missed some information which makes my post less accurate and current submission selection less shady. There are other 2 amazing cosmetic bundles added to Unturned Stockpile in this update - Artist Bundle and Posh Hooligan, made by Flodo and SirAdy respectively - all being new figures to Stockpile.
This choice made me think: what if Nelson only chooses submissions of new people? Or maybe olds and one submission of a new creator? Or maybe he just loves funny, bright and colorful skins? Still, as I said: submission quality and it’s uniqueness should still apply.

Anyway, before ending this post I want you to look on some nice not accepted submissions:
(which, in my opinion, should’ve been accepted instead of ‘Backpack Turtle’ and ‘Lime Tracksuit’)

The Moneymaker Set by Flodo

Minesweeper by Renaxon

Previously mentioned Arctic Instigator by Renaxon

The Ledgerunner by Renaxon & Witness Protection

The Gilded Dweller by Renaxon & Witness Protection

DE:VIL Trooper by Renaxon & Witness Protection

Metalhead Bundle by Flodo

BBOT | Detonator by Witness Protection

glows in the night btw

& also countless danaby’s blowtorch skins and that one Renaxon’s Hawkhound skin. I don’t even mention how many good gun skins (like Tacticool Maplestrike, still on the 1st page) weren’t accepted.
etc. etc.

All of this could’ve been accepted.

So Nelson, please, next time be more dedicated on choosing fresh and good looking skins. This is my only wish for this post. Thanks.


P. S. This post was made by a person who knows nothing about how new Stockpile skins are being accepted.

and one update: I bet that my words about how Nelson chooses skins by popularity is not correct. Should be a style choice.

I liked the turtle shell backpack, it’s fun and creative. :smile: natalie’s original version was smooth if I recall correctly and I asked that she change it to the icosphere because I think it looks more like the interlocking pieces of the shell that way.

The reason any cosmetic content was added in this update is kind of silly, but for the next wave I’m thinking of suggesting item creators submit some creative individual cosmetics for a multi-contributor crate since there has been some interest in that.

I didn’t originally intend to add the tracksuit (originally black) as you mentioned there are some already, but suggested an obnoxious color not currently in the game, lo and behold Joko picked lime. I think the only similar items are the suit from Ireland’s release.


Sounds interesting!

A workshop box for cosmetics would be cool! Be nice to see more outfit items - perhaps they could also have their associated free drops akin to the red/blue box outfits? (i.e. Wizard Hat and Cape were from the box, but the top and bottom dropped for free)

I was looking for this item in the stockpile but couldn’t find it, was it removed?


Then it shares the same design both (white strips, lime colour) with Luck o’ The Irish bundle and with black tracksuit added by Renaxon.

(btw for those who don’t know: this is how above mentioned tracksuit look)

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Anyway, one further question for Nelson: are there any restrictions on Stockpile submissions? I’ve been told by NaFka in the Unturned Discord that for some reason military-themed things aren’t allowed.


I’ve noticed a bunch of bundles have gone missing, idk if it’s a bug or they’ve been removed.

If that is the case, it would be great if there would be clear guidelines, as far as I’m aware there is nothing and all the information is just rumors.

I disagree with any restriction on creation of ‘military style cosmetics’, the usual argument against is that it might be mistaken for in-game gear but the identification of what items people are wearing is already impossible because lot of people already wear cosmetics, which conceal any gear you might have.


perhaps an option to turn off other peoples cosmetics client side would solve any confusion of if they are geared or not.


Along with option to disable custom skin colors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ah we come back to cosmetics. I love cosmetics and I completely agree with you. While I like the non-smoothed version of the turtle backpack. I think these new cosmetics that were added are kinda of eh :confused: there’s so many cool stuff out there (that you’ve also put into your post) that could/should be added and im assuming Nelson doesn’t want to dilute the market with all these cool looking skins, but honestly i would spend money on half the cool skins you posted in this post. Custom mesh skins for guns should also definitely be considered looking at also as I would again like to enjoy some of the skins out there.
That said, a community box would be a nice step in the right direction



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My hunch is that there’s a lot of military-esque cosmetics that have been added recently through curated maps and to avoid over saturation there’s perhaps a conscious effort to choose some more goofy or odd cosmetic sets. Some of these mili/taticool sets may still get added, just with a bit of a gap between their additions(?)

EDIT: And of course it’s up to Nelson’s personal tastes.
EDIT2: It’s worth noting that workshop creators will make assets based on what’s more likely to get accepted. TF2’s Workshop is a good case study, when there’s only been Halloween and Christmas updates, the majority of the curated content being made was specifically Halloween/Christmas maps, cosmetics and warpaints because these were the only cosmetics that were getting added at the time. Every time you accept an item to the game, it sends a message to the rest of the community about what’s likely to get added.


Hello Elliot,

Im Shiriko ( aka joko) the creator of the tracksuit, i’ve read your post and replies to nelson here and have some replies for you aswell

side note before this is not for hate or anything this is just my opinion about what i just read

first: ive seen the post all about me is that yes i did write for fun that im mostly suprised he accepted it and came to me and asked if i could change it, i wouldnt say that mine shares the same design after checking my own tracksuit. the only similarity it has with the one u presented is the 2 stripes since we cant use 3 stripes obv.

second: the problem i think is with the stockpile that for example Renaxon (which is talented theres no doubt in that) owns alot of the skins inside the stockpile. if nelson would just only accepts his instead off other skins of new creators it would be one sided, the more creators the more possibility for mutliple
and unique designs.
for example all of the pictures you presented of good looking skins are mostly made by renaxon.
i think u should see the point here.

thrid: i was talking with some creator once and they also said its not based on visitors / favorites it depends more on if Nelson likes the designs.

fourth: the reason why i am supprised is kind of funny, since the whole reason i made the tracksuit bundle is cause i was personally making fun of how nowadays ppl run around in public dress exactly like that, i do have a tracksuit and cap aswell, but not a fannypack carried like that.

overall this was what i was thinking about your post and its just a reply, its not personal nor hate.
hope i was able to help out in anyway possible.

Kind regards,


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