Stop Basing Suggestions for II off of Unturned 3.0 (Rule of Thumb #3)

Unturned II and Unturned 3.0 are separate titles with different mechanics.

Meaning, most of your suggestions for II are going to be possibly nullified due to them being for a completely different game!

The game’s first beta isn’t even out yet, so how about giving it some time to release to see what the basic mechanics are first?

I’ve seen time and time again, suggestions that are just expansions of what 3.0 already has trying to weasel themselves into 4.0 with more specific mechanics just to seem new.

If you desperately want to suggest something, just stick to something broad and original. No need to go about suggesting realistic ideas like disease, that’s a bad idea.

TL;DR: Stop suggesting things from 3.0 with more specific mechanics when you don’t even know what the mechanics for II are going to be.


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Tbh, if I make a topic based in the sort of way you are talking about, its more of trying to compare how it would work better?

Im not sure, maybe Im just an idiot or something.

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can we add U3’s third person to UII?


Can we just ban suggestions lmao
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Typically, people make suggestions for II thinking that the unreleased game is going to be 3.0 but with different visuals, apparently.

I don’t see what the problem is. The whole point of suggestions is to provide a variety of possible base mechanics and to promote discussion between users. What you’re saying is akin to having the Constitutional Convention after the Constitution was drafted.

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GUys I have an AMAZING IDEA!!!
we should make it so when you wear clothes sometimes you get itchy and have to starch the ithc
also when you wear a helmet it should lower your fov!!
or mayb like when you drive a car you should lose control easier cause you only just spawned and wouldnt know how to driv eyet1


what about whne peple say cus words thay get baned becus my mum doesnt want me to here those words!

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There’s a problem with how these suggestions are unoriginal, hinge on realism most of the time, and most importantly, are based off of an ‘if’ situation.

Suggest things for what you already know, and if you don’t want to do that, be broad about it.
II hasn’t released yet. Wait it out and then suggest things.


UII suggestion starter pack

unterend 2 neds moar survivl gmaeplay!1
plz liek if u agre

please add X gun into UII because it has a really weird gimmick that I find cool for some reason

Bandit NPCs more variety of X item please

something that was already confirmed

add more content locked behind skill levels even though we don’t know how skills will even work



The thing most people aren’t understanding is how open the modding possibilities are. It won’t be like 3.0 where if the foundation for it isn’t in the game then it can’t be in the game. There will most certainly be mods that add things that Nelson would never consider adding. Before making a suggestion people should first think:

1.) Will it benefit the overall gameplay experience?

2.) Is it necessary to have in a very early version of the game?

3.) Is it more suitable for a mod than an actual feature?


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getting itchy actually sounds like a really interesting gameplay mechanic, i could see that implemented into II

still waiting on that sike mate


still waiting on that sike mate