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Unturned, a video game I’m sure most of us enjoy and have played for a long time, weather it’s in hours or years or what ever we all know the game and I’m sure enjoy it or once did…. Recently with the spike in players it has seemed I have realized that there are more and more people saying “when is unturned two going to come out” this question is by far one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever seen. This game is crater by one person not 100 people. You have to accept the fact and that unturned as it is right now has very game breaking issues and those are are complained about as well, people complain about both things and people need to stop that, the game as it is right now I feel like needs to be updated more than unturned two, needs to be. I think more people need to understand the fact that unturned as ur is right now is a fun , enjoyable game so instead on complaining about the game just enjoy it. The game as it is right now is fine, and the aspects of the game that needs worked on is being worked on and is being fixed. (Just want to put this out their I don’t want people to say I have almost no experience with unturned as I have played for I believe just 5 years now and over 6600 hours)

I was thinking of making a post like this, but yeah there is no reason to complain, it won’t make Nelson work faster


@ZJS I’ve accepted the fact that there’s no god damn way Nelson can finish Unturned II with the current rate. At this point the number of people asking for Unturned II are very few in number.


Well… depends on what you refer as “complaining”. Unturned 3 isn’t without a flaw, and many people both mindfully critisize it and hatingly complain about it.

But, for what I should agree about - people really need to stop complaining about Unturned II. It’s very unfinished game, it’s not even in a playable alpha of sort. Technical issues such as bugs yes, of course should be adressed, but poor complaining comments on “garbage optimisation” or something else, must be rejected.
Also stop posting your ideas for that game, a lot of them were already discussed or mentioned. Only if you have some brain-storming and game-breaking concept.

I don’t want unturned ii
I want an update on the status on unturned ii


Nelson has already estimated that it will be done by 2025. That’s a rough estimate but we just have to be patient.

Where did he say that?

He said it should be solid in mid 2025. That probably means that a playable version will probably come out in early 2024. Still, those are just guesses. Even Nelson himself can’t really predict when he will be finished.

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I’d like to remind you all the last time a game was given a really early release date, lol. Probably not a good idea to start “guessing” release dates for nelson (that’s simply not how game development works), so i’d rather have a hollow knight silksong situation than a cyberpunk 2077 situation to be honest. I appreciate and understand that we’re not given new devlogs every month that could be filled with uninteresting stuff for the general community, and honestly would prefer larger devlogs that don’t really have to follow a certain schedule.


I think devlogs each month are not something SDG should get caught up with, rather, devlogs should be used as a diary for the project as a whole.

I also think that Nelson should open the floodgates to more volunteers to assist in the project once the base of it is completed.

Personally, Nelson needs to work on fixing his spaghetti-code instead of adding new fancy features each update or improving the graphics.

What’s the point of improved graphics if there’s FPS issues on top of lag with long loading times using builds that have literal RTX 3080’s with 500 mbps internet speeds.

Nelson needs to learn to be transparent and proactive without warping their projects to suit the expectations of a community which may not properly understand the current situation regarding developing said projects.


welp.i dont think they really care about how hard is it lol.same as chinese community.

tons of people were ask about this and i gave the answer is that nelson decide to abandoned this for a while.most of them seems to be frustrated after this answer but other mapper/modder are not.

probably is just be cause the modders can think how hard it could be but regular player are not

and it’s not everyone can see the current situation of community lol if nelson didn’t came back in few month before elver release the game could be turly ded :C

and also

even there’s people can explaining this like’s most not likely such message can sends to more regular players.i mean…think about it

people didn’t communicate that much.

but still.curated map release still can shown how community is.

people are still alive.just dont talks that much.not sharing that much enough

this is the main problem i want to explain from this :confused:

this is basically all i had to say.hope nelson or some other pro can see this

I’m sure anyone who’s been saddened or frustrated for the current development has come to accept its current state. Anyone new or stubborn would of course be persistent about it.

I don’t have a strong attachment to the game as much as before but I’d still check out how his current game and upcoming project is going once in a long while. If it’s going to take more than half a decade since first announcement then so be it. I still laugh from the graves at whoever that left Unturned is calling this game or the new project dead.

Whatever’s been pumped out even if it takes months since last update, I hope it will be as excitable as when all of us had fun bloody messing around with the new car on 2017.

See you next year? or when the big day happens. Treat U2 like any other project that even dev teams took years to get out. Pray that the first game will finally become perfected from its long development


Yoo our pirate came to say hi on his long journey


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