Suggestion: Better Sledgehammer

In Unturned 2.0, the sledgehammer was one of the best melee weapons in the game. Now, in 3.0 the sledgehammer is a useless weak piece of garbage. Which is strange because it’s a sledgehammer and it is doing less damage than a butterfly knife.

Hopefully, if Nelson adds sledgehammers into Unturned II, they will actually be a weapon choice again.

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.


It looks and plays like a rubber sledgehammer


I hope melee in general is improved in Unturned II.

Most melee weapons just feel like reskins of each other, if not with very slight stat differences.


If melee is properly reworked, we can hopwfully see a wide variety of new melee mechanics which will inherently make the sledgehammer powerful again, but also give use to a lot of other underrated weapons in the future.

For instance, having blunt weapons stun players, or be better able to deal damage through physical armor.


The first time you kill a zombie with a sledgehammer in 4.0 you should get a achievement called “Hammer Time”


Sledges would probably have way higher armor penetration then knives that would probably make em pretty good

I had this weird idea on how we could improve sledgehammer. Not just sledgehammer, maybe every melee weapon, not sure.

So, we know sledgehammer is weak, and has a long attack cooldown in unturned 3.0. This attack cooldown appears when player just takes the melee weapon in their hand, or if they just attacked with it. We can’t use a melee weapon during the cooldown, and whenever the cooldown ends, we get to use the melee weapon again. The entire point is, if we wait twice the cooldown time (200%), this sledgehammer will do damage to buildings, and do more damage to players and turneds (1.5x damage?) However, if we happen to try to use before cooldown timer gets to 200%, this sledgehammer will not do damage to buildings, and it will do normal damage to players and turneds. Maybe we could implement this “charge” timer to every melee weapon, giving them more damage than normal? :thinking:

Hmm, that sounds very similar to 1.15 Minecraft combat mechanics.

We don’t even know what the 1.15 combat mechanics are.

Yeah i straight up copied some parts

Well, we kinda do. There’s some combat snapshots out there

they should upgrade ur fists

inb4 greathero makes a megathread on how unturned II should have dark souls-esqe combat

That would be cool though, Darksouls-like combat in unturned II with blocking, parrying, different forms of attacks, etc

Yeah, the sledgehammer does need a buff compared to 3.X, but I’m not sure it necessarily needs to be relevant as a combat weapon. Being a sledgehammer, it is uniquely suited to filling a niche of damaging vehicles or structures, but so many other melee weapons are equally or better suited to filling a PvP or PvE combat niche.

I’ve actually never played Dark Souls, but was thinking about a system that uses directional blocking, energy build-up, volumetric attack, and movement in tandem to supplement the melee mechanic for UII

Don’t be ridiculous I’d never make something like that


I know this is a joke, but brass knuckles or something like that sounds pretty nice.


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